Subaru starts selling electric SUVs – that’ll be the price

Subaru starts selling electric SUVs – that’ll be the price

The Solterra is the sister model to the Toyota BZ4X.

The Soltera is Subaru's version of the car Toyota calls the BZ4X.  Now the Norwegian award is ready.

Subaru has now begun selling its Solterra electric SUV in Norway. It’s the sister model to the Toyota BZ4X, built on the same platform and sharing most of the key specifications.

Unlike the BZ4X, the Solterra is only available with all-wheel drive, which you might say is in the Subaru Acid. The car will be delivered in three trim levels, called Nordic, Limited and Sport, and the price starts at NOK 479,000 plus shipping and delivery.

Then you get the Nordic equipment level, while the Limited costs 499,900 NOK and the Sport 509.900 NOK. Even the basic version is well-equipped, including LED daytime running lights with auto-dimming, a cluster-treated chassis, 10-way power-adjustable driver’s seat, dual-zone air conditioning with rear ventilation as well, a power tailgate and everything Subaru has to offer in terms of Safety and self-driving functions.

A slight glitch in the equipment level called Nordic, the steering wheel still heated. You have to go up to Limited to get it. Then you also get 20-inch rims (up from 18), synthetic leather seats (rather than fabric), a power-adjustable passenger seat, heated rear seats (plus the front) and a Harman/Kardon speaker system. The top level Sport adds panoramic glass roofs, but is otherwise identical to the Limited.

Prices mean Subaru is roughly on par with Toyota. The cheapest Solterra price almost corresponds to the level of Toyota Active Tech equipment, which costs NOK 482,500 – albeit with a three-year service agreement.

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The specifications of the two are nearly identical, as mentioned earlier. This means an overall performance of 160 kW (218 hp), 0-100 in 6.9 seconds and a 71.4 kWh battery. This gives a WLTP range of 466 kilometers for the Nordic equipment level, and as usual, bumping up to larger rims at higher equipment levels costs a fair amount of range.

The figures for Limited and Sport are 419 and 416 km respectively – also almost identical to the BZ4X. However, the range is somewhat lower than that of competitors such as the Volkswagen ID.4 GTX and Tesla Model Y, which have a range of 478 and 533 kilometers, respectively, after WLTP.

Solterra can charge up to 150 kilowatts, which should provide an 80 percent charge in less than 30 minutes. Subaru also boasts the car’s all-wheel drive system, which, together with a ground clearance of up to 21 cm, will make the Solterra a car with good off-road characteristics.

The separate patterns of snow and mud should provide good mobility even in challenging conditions. It is reported that the luggage compartment is 452 liters for the Nordic and 441 liters for the Limited and Sport version, the car can tow a 750 kg trailer and has 75 kg on the roof.

The Solterra will in many ways be a fresh start for Subaru in Norway. Thanks to Norway’s tax system, a Subaru importer last year chose not to import any new 2021 models into Norway, he wrote. Car News At the end of 2020. Thus, only 353 new Subaru passenger cars were registered in 2021, according to figures from the Road Traffic Information Council. So far this year, the number is four.

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Subaru has already opened to order for Solterra, and says the first customer cars will be delivered in June.

– A Subaru Solterra AWD has been shown in preview at our dealers this winter, and we’ve seen an overwhelming response. The car can now be ordered from our dealers. With levels of equipment tailored to Norwegian conditions, we have great confidence that many Norwegians will get the electric SUV they have been waiting for and want, Subaru Norway CEO Torbjørn Lie says in a statement.

Here are Solterra and some of the more relevant competitors:

479,000 kroner 482,500 kr 549990 kroner 465,300 kroner 552000 kr
218 HP / 337 Nm 218 HP / 336 N 462 hp / 527 Nm 299 HP / 460 Nm 371 HP / 580 Nm
6.9 seconds 6.9 seconds 5.1 seconds 6.2 seconds 5.1 seconds
71.4 kWh 71.4 kWh 76.0 kWh 77.0 kWh 91 kWh
Four-wheel drive Four-wheel drive Four-wheel drive Four-wheel drive Four-wheel drive
466 km 460 km 533-565 km 478 km 540 km
150 kW 150 kW 250 kW 125 kW (135 kW with new program) 150 kW
452 liters 452 liters unannounced 543 liters 402 liters
2010 kg / 4690 mm 2030 kg / 4690 mm 1981 kg / 4750 mm 2136 kg / 4582 mm 2205 kg / 4712 mm
750 kg 750 kg 1600 kg 1200 kg 750 kg
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