June 6, 2023


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Subwoolfer at Eurovision: - Make big changes

Subwoolfer at Eurovision: – Make big changes

Wolves Jim and Keith are in Turin, and preparations are already underway before they compete in the first semi-final on Tuesday, May 10.

Next, the Subwoolfer should be up against favorites such as Ukraine, the Netherlands and Norwegian Amanda Tenfjord of Greece, who respectively occupy first, ninth and sixth positions on the betting list.

Norway ranks eighth, which is something that Norway’s MGP chief Stig Carlsen thinks is quite at home at the moment.

We are allowed in, surprised. For those who rank very high on the list, expectations are very high He should I think Norway has a good starting position, Karlsen tells Dagbladet, and adds that betting lists are not a decision, but an indicator.

Satisfied: MGP President Stig Karlsen is pleased with Subwoolfer’s spot on the betting lists ahead of the first semi-final. Photo: Heiko Junge / NTB
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It gets a lot of attention

Subwoolfer, which consists of “DJ Astronaut” as well as wolves, from the beginning kept his identity hidden. Thus, no one from the outside knows who is hiding behind the masks, Although there are many speculations.

name that Brother duo Bård and Vegard YlvisåkerArtists Ben Adams and Gaute Ormåsen and host duo Erlend and Steinjo are mentioned.

Their anonymity also ensured that they got plenty of publicity beyond the borders of Norway and Europe.

Who is hidden?  who sings

Who is hidden? Who sings “Give that wolf a banana” is not yet known. Photo: Terje Bendiksby / NTB
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– There is a lot of interest around them. All the major media — including American ones — are asking for a Subwoolfer photo when they have to document what’s going on from here, says Karlsen kindly.

However, he doesn’t think anonymity and costumes are crucial to how Subwoolfer performs in competition.

There are many things that benefit Norway. Our featured song stands out because there are many poems and songs among this year’s contributions. Karlsen explains that we also have a straightforward artist who’s not easy to forget and a fun, catchy song that has a lot of humor in it.

Norway’s song, “Give That Wolf A Banana”, has been viewed millions of times on YouTube

latest change

On Sunday, the Subwoolfer had its first stage test in Turin, and while it went well, Karlsen revealed that they made some changes ahead of the stage two testing of the competition Thursday morning.

– It went very well on Sunday, but there is still a lot to work on. Before Thursday’s test, we have to go a few rounds with Rai (Radiotelevisione italiana, editor’s note) and the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), he says.

– What changes are we talking about?

– It has a lot to do with the direction of the photo, what photos we should use and the editing rhythm on it, as well as the sections of the camera and lights. We also have a little relationship with choreography, Carlsen replies.

rumor rumor: Speculation about who is behind the Subwoolfer. We asked the experts. Video/Photo: NRK/NTB/Lars Eivind Bones
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Great feelings

Ukraine’s contribution, hip-hop group Kalush Orchestra, is now at the top of the betting list with a full 43% chance of winning. The MGP chief understands very well that they are on top, given the circumstances surrounding this year’s Eurovision.

Ukraine: Hip-hop group Kalush Orchestra will represent Ukraine with “Stefania” at Eurovision.  Photo: KAHANA / AFP / NTB

Ukraine: Hip-hop group Kalush Orchestra will represent Ukraine with “Stefania” at Eurovision. Photo: KAHANA / AFP / NTB
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Music is not just sound waves, there are also great feelings, and Europe feels very strongly about Ukraine now. When Ukraine’s contribution comes out on stage, it will be a very powerful moment with such a backdrop. It’s easy to understand, says Carlsen, and also adds that they have a decent song.

In addition to preparing for the live broadcast, the team also faces some logistical challenge in concealing Jim and Keith’s identities during their stay.

We didn’t make it easy on ourselves, but we do have some routines. It’s obviously going to be an extra bit of a circus, and we’re making sure that neither Dagbladet nor VG can take any pictures, Karlsen wisely says.

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