Subwoolfer, Big Bang, Cardi B – VG

Subwoolfer, Big Bang, Cardi B - VG
SUNSTICK: Subwoolfer was very pleased with this year’s summer photo. Keith on the left.

New fruit from wolves of the moon, a new message of joy from the UK and pure sonic burns for money from Resa Saffa Park are some of the things you can use your ears for on the first weekend of July.


Subwoolfer – “Melocoton (Donka Dunk Song)”

VG dice show two points

Peach’s post in pop music includes both Prince’s metaphor for women, Justin Bieber’s song about herbs and the Bible, as well as the heroine of Peach’s electrolyte. Which probably really sings about most of the above. Now Eurovision’s yellow wolves are following bananas with a peach tribute. An intentionally hairy electric song with a chorus trying to be all mental singing with a nod to Prince’s rudeness. But it really can be forgotten. By the way, those obsessed with who is behind the masks should probably pass by the Norwegian fruit importers. Preferably before the next song comes out. We risk having a cover for Røyksopps “Eple”.

Yungblud – “Don’t feel sad today”

VG dice show 4 points

Dominic Richard Harrison makes his way through British history. In the past, the 25-year-old Briton has appeared almost as young Billy Idol from him. Here he is closer to the more intense pop music of his childhood, the early 2000s. At the same time it is more than just sloppy in the tributaries of the new order and other eighties crap. With a clever, well-fitting song that gives the stadium a not-so-new dimension, but at least totally fun.

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Travel Saffa Park – «Bitter Miner»

VG dice show 4 points

Teresa Frostad Ejespo for a moment gave up her international ambitions. “Bitter Miner” is an almost perfect breakup song with the voice of Cat Power – in Norwegian Sinan. The phrase “You look like you’re 12, despite your beard” sounds just one of several at first a bit naive, but then totally powerful burns which can raise both numbers. 4, Dillos and Marion Raven. If one had to compare with anyone at all.

Sunflower: Risa Safa Park was very happy with her class photo.

Grim Bell – “Zoroaster”

VG dice showing 5 points

Alexander Sajmer from Trondelag has a very high tempo. Barely two months after his debut album, which followed three episodes, he released three more singles. In ‘Zarathustra’, the aptly anonymous Number 30 (who produced ‘Panorama’ for Ferrari and Ferrari gave it one of the most beautiful somber tunes I’ve heard this year. Grim Pil has long been working on the totally unique Anticon—his style is almost a little miracle that there isn’t any Someone else with open ears to it, we can do something about it this summer.

Bigbang – «Summercrush»

VG dice show 4 points

Victoria Hellestad’s rocking vocals against a graciously fitting, somewhat grumpy, perpetual guitar sound truly echoes the title’s promise of summertime love. It doesn’t “drift away” as Travolta and Newton-John sing, but it looms smoothly in the mind of a boring summer. “Summercrush” creeps from being the perfect summer pop song to becoming a sloppy blaring guitar for about half a minute at the end. Too much in a song that barely lasts four minutes? At least it is something that dares to be the same. And besides, Bigbang is more and more reminiscent of the project of guitarist Nikolai Hangzel “Band of Gold”.

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Daphne – “Cloudy”

VG dice showing 5 points

Talk about a side project. Here, Dan Snaith’s side project of Caribou creates a melodic techno in Detroit. Seven minutes of sun-friendly tunes and a piano-driven theme that’s just as cloudy as the title suggests. Charming, melancholy and one hundred percent Norwegian summer.

The Sun: Cardi B in a sunny moment, long before “hot shit.”

Rin Tan Jin – “Apparently”

VG dice showing 5 points

Bergen-based Daniel Turkelsen is behind what is theoretically a one-man band for a bedroom studio. He’s built dream pop music in the same category that producer Robert Jonome has helped promote since Ai Phoenix. One hundred percent less introverted. Those with a good bongo ear hear, of course, that it’s the boy Pablo who handles the beat in the background. At least everyone knows now.

Calvin Harris and 21 Savage – “New Money”

VG dice show 4 points

If you’re going to be listening to a quiet disco-based ballad with muffled vocals this weekend, 21 Savage contributions staggered on top of the hard ’70s beat by Calvin Harris is the best you can get. All pieces are correct. Even an odd guitar solo. Or by the way.

Cardi B Wei Lil Dork – “Bullshit”

VG dice show 3 points

heart flow leaning towards Sweetie and Doja Cat have collaborated on Drake’s “Best Friend” and “NonStop”. Tay Keith Beat states that this song is originally older than WAP (2020) and generally fits 808 – uninspired. On the other hand, Yi’s poetry is surprisingly cohesive parts, oddly mixed and eerily dumb: “a silent movie without words” – vs what next? Here, some were having very lazy days at work.

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