February 1, 2023


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Subwoolfer - It's Gaute

Subwoolfer – It’s Gaute

Since then the Norwegian Eurovision duo Subwoolfer He first appeared on stage at the Melodi Grand Prix, and fans wondered who was hiding behind the yellow banana masks.

Erik and Kriss, brothers Ylvis and Gaute Ormåsen and Ben Adams are just some of the names that have been highly speculated, but so far the duo have the advantage of revealing their true identity.

Someone who no longer doubts the identities of Jim and Keith Famous designer Jean Thomas (55). He is, in fact, skeptical about the identity of the masked duo.

– quite sure

After examining the Norwegian contribution and questioning his acquaintances, the “Maskurama” judge is convinced who the yellow wolves are.

Turin: Subwoolfer tells what they think about the Tix stunt, and his “revelation” that he’s a DJ astronaut. Reporters: Organ Ryland and Augusta Magnusdottir / Dagbaldet.
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– I have watched the Norwegian Eurovision contribution many times, and I have no doubts. One is Ben Adams and the other is Gaut Urmassen. I’m quite sure. I’ve spoken to many other people who also think the same, Jan-Thomas tells Dagbladet.

Nor does it hide the fact that the assessment is based on good experience with persuasive identities.

JUDGE: Jan Thomas has experience uncovering compelling artists.  Photo: Andreas Vadom/Look and Hear

JUDGE: Jan Thomas has experience uncovering compelling artists. Photo: Andreas Vadom/Look and Hear
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– With my good experience as the best “maskurama” investigator in Norway, I am confident. I always know who’s under the masks at the end, following on and laughing.

Dagbladet has not yet succeeded in contacting Gaute Ormåsen.

The actress revealed

However, the 55-year-old is not alone in revealing details about the Eurovision duo’s identities. Earlier this week, British artist Sam Ryder, 32, of Eurovision, Confirmation of an identity.

He claimed to have seen Ben Adams (40) in Turin, during a major singing competition. The revelation came in “Magic Radio Breakfast”, according to what he reported daily Mail.

Winners: Ukraine’s “Kalush Orchestra” won this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. They have now released the music video, which was recorded in some of the hardest-hit areas of the country.
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– I saw Ben taking a croissant at the buffet, and I just thought “Wait, what are you doing here?”. The artist says I am very fascinated by the whole story, describing the 40-year-old as a legend.

Dagbladet contacted Ben Adams regarding the revelation, who responded somewhat vaguely in a text message:

“I’ve seen it. I like Sam Ryder, but I think his head is ‘high in space…. man,'” he wrote in the letter, clearly referring to Britain’s ‘Space Man’ contribution.

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