Suddenly they are stuck in the “lake”: – I have never seen so much water here

Suddenly they are stuck in the “lake”: – I have never seen so much water here

(ITROMSØ/VG) Kristina Aiko and her driver friend realized too late that they had no chance of driving their small Mitsubishi through a flooded pool of water in Tromsø on Monday.

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– We were going to Krav Maga (Israeli combat training) and chose to drive. Cross linking Cross linking The stretch of road between Giæverbukta and Breivika is called Tverrverbindelsen.To take us there. So we chatted as we drove, and before long we were at a big pool, says Christina Akio.

He was a passenger in the small Mitsubishi Golden, which has gone viral on social media since Monday's storm.

Heavy rain has led to several large pools of water in Tromsø.

The driver himself doesn't want to come forward with his name and photo, but thinks it's funny, even though the car needs repairs now. Akio thinks so too.

– Oh my goodness, it's us, she exclaims as she watches the video for the first time.

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– It's funny how the car has gone viral, even if the poor driver knows a little more about it than I do. I was a little annoyed because I missed our practice, Aikio says and laughs.

Completely dead

The last thing Aikio did before the engine ran into the icy water was to deliver the so-called “Famous Last Words”.

– There was a lot of water there, I had never experienced that much before. Before we went to the pool I said: “Wow, I've never seen so much water here before”. Then we went out and sure enough the car stopped there.

The water must have come over the hood and then straight into the engine. It was enough to kill the little Japanese car.

After some valiant attempts to restart the car, they eventually had to admit defeat. Then began the search for someone who could save them. It won't be easy either.

Watch a video of one of the passing motorists here:

Long waiting time

– We both started going around different insurance companies to find someone who could come and save us. Viking was the first to respond, but we saw someone sitting in an office in Oslo. There we were given a link to pay and explained that once we paid, someone would come to help us with a waiting time of at least two hours.

They both feel like they have to pay a lot of money and wait a long time, and they are stuck and considering their options, they decide to call the police.

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– We wanted to say we were stuck there. There was heavy traffic on the road and we were in the middle. Traffic, buses and all sorts of things are running, so standing there might not be a good idea. We called Viking, but also informed them that they would be waiting a long time.

Aikyo estimates that the car sat in a pool of water for about an hour and a half before they received help from an unexpected quarter.


The car watched as a car passed by and suddenly heard a rap on the window. There was a police officer with a long stick wondering if they needed help.

– Three officers came with a big car to rescue us. They pulled us out of the water and took us to Jekta.

Amidst the mild weather chaos that characterized the entire city on Monday, Aikio greatly appreciates that the police took the time to rescue them.

– It was great that they came and helped us, that they came and did something like that. It started to get cold in there after a while, she says with a smile.

SNODIK: Tromsø was hit by storms on Monday afternoon.  The water has loosened many license plates because of the deep water and because the plates are not screwed down on newer car models.

Unusual day

Police officer Marius Nilsson, who rescued the two friends, says Monday was a completely unusual day.

– I think we had to pull three cars out of puddles that day, it was more car rescue than police work that day, he laughed.

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He thinks it's nice to hear the passengers on the Golden are doing well and appreciate the help they've received.

– Positive recognition for the work we do gives us motivation. So good news and recognition is always good.

But the good deed came with a price, which Nielsen may have realized for other changes.

– I got very wet on my feet, because I stood in water up to my knees in Kyavarbukta. So the work shoes have been drying for a few days, says the official with a good laugh.

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