Summer Olympics – Explains the outbreak: – No kidding

Summer Olympics - Explains the outbreak: - No kidding

When Ariana Titmus beat swimming star Katie Ledecky in the 400-meter freestyle at the Olympics, she set off completely for Titmus coach Dean Boxall.

Pictures of him completely clicking in the stands have gone viral around the world.

Dumping his blindfold in ecstasy, the coach ran in front of a terrified volunteer who made a short but valiant attempt to stop the storming freight train, before seeming to start joking on the fence.

Then he leaned back and let out a roar that echoed through the Tokyo Aquatics Center.

– this is not true

Now he finally explains the amazing scenes and has an important clarification.

– I wasn’t kidding on the fence. This is not true at all, Boxall explains for Checkpoint.

Instead, he was said to have imitated a gladiator. Boxall used to wrestle with his brother in his childhood and then always imitated his favourite: “The Ultimate Warrior”.

Boxall explains that the “Ultimate Warrior” has always had a lot of energy and is used to rocking ropes around the boxing ring.

– I didn’t do it on purpose, he just got out. He grabs the ropes and shakes them. I grabbed the fence, but it didn’t move. I wasn’t running on the handrail, but I tried rocking it. Fortunately, he explains, I didn’t spoil it.

– Planned carefully

Despite the fact that it might seem like Boxall lost it completely, so he actually remained calmer than he really wanted, according to what he said.

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– I lost it for a second there, but then I put myself back. If I were really my true self, I would have run, jumped into the water and fished and hugged her,” Boxall says.

– Maybe that’s what I wanted to do. This was a carefully planned “operation” that we worked on for five years to beat the best swimmer ever.

Gold medalist Ariarn Titmus had to laugh at the coach when asked about him at a press conference, just over an hour after she took home the historic gold medal.

When she spoke about the episode, she just had to shake her head in a lovely mix of pride and a little embarrassment:

– I got to see parts of the clip. This is how it is. He is very enthusiastic and energetic. This means as much to him as it means to me. He explained that he had sacrificed family life.

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