Summer Talk, Emily Nearing | Emily Nearing got lost on a mountain trip

Summer Talk, Emily Nearing | Emily Nearing got lost on a mountain trip

This is Nettavisen's column where you can get an insight into celebrities' summer memories, how they vacationed, as well as some good holiday tips. Nettavisen wishes you a happy summer!

We had a summer chat with TV personality and food influencer Emily Nearing, 28.

The influencer headed straight to Bali with her fiancé Michael Hanson, 33, after this year's 'Farmen kendis' season in February, but now they'll be enjoying the Norwegian summer.

What are your summer plans for this year and who will you be spending the summer with this year?
– My girlfriend and I are driving in the Norwegian summer this year to be as spontaneous as possible! We are going to a wedding with our close friends, we are going on a couple of plane trips and we are going on a short Norwegian holiday soon, so this will be a really social and nice summer.

What is your best summer memory?
– A car holiday in Denmark has to be. When I was little, my brother, mum and dad went on a car holiday where we went to Legoland and several beaches along the coast, where we creatively slept in the car. We burned one CD and listened to it again, and I still get good feelings in my body from listening to U2's “Elevation”, which we sang at the top of our lungs.

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What is your worst summer memory?
– I rarely feel particularly bad in the summer, but I remember going on a crazy hike alone in Orlando hoping to get some views from above. Instead, I ended up getting lost because the visibility was so bad. Not at the top of my list of good summer memories, at least!

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Norwegian holiday or foreign holiday?
– Norway can be fantastically beautiful in the summer, but there's something nice about getting away for a bit when you're on holiday for the first time. I love both!

cabin or boat or cameraping?
– Nothing beats the fun of a cabin with wine, walks, music and games!

Beach or city?
– Beach during the day, city in the evening, for example.

What is the best or worst summer job you have ever had?
– Actually, I've never had a summer job since I started blogging when I was 13 and have continued to do so ever since.

What is your best holiday tip?
– Make time to be spontaneous and don't plan too much. Some of my best vacation memories have come from unexpected adventures and chance encounters.

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What do you always pack in your luggage on vacation?
– AirPods, sweats, bikini, sunscreen, and a bold summer dress.

What is your favorite summer snack?
– Ice cream! Preferably two scoops of caramel, strawberry or mango gelato. Fresh and creamy, always!

What is the best summer song?
– Never get tired of “Nå koser vi oss” by TIX.

What is your favorite holiday destination and why?
– I love trying new places, it's not often that I go back to a place more than twice. But Bali is probably my favorite place. A perfect destination for small spontaneous adventures on a motorbike where you meet nice people, eat good food and enjoy the beautiful nature.

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The best thing to throw on the grill is…
– Aromatic mushrooms stuffed with cream cheese and herbs. I often serve them with some meat or fish, but mushrooms are probably still my favorite!

An overrated summer thing is…
– Traveling to a big, hot, humid city at the same time as everyone else.

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