Summer weather, Northern Sweden | The meteorologist with a clear message about when to book your holiday in Sweden

Summer weather, Northern Sweden |  The meteorologist with a clear message about when to book your holiday in Sweden

(AN): Although the weather is getting hotter and hotter in the world, the weather in northern Calut has changed in another way.

For decades, many northerners have made pilgrimages to Sweden to enjoy holidays, especially along the sunny Gulf of Bothnia.

According to SVT meteorologists, June has gotten cooler — and wetter — in the past 30 years.

– Maybe you should leave your vacation in June? says SVT meteorologist Nils Holmqvist in an issue Swedish television.

Among other things, reports show that there is between 20 and 30 percent more rain in the month of June.


According to Holmqvist, there are more unstable weather patterns in the last 30 years and that is why June is not a recommended month for a holiday in northern Sweden.

Low pressure is warmer today than before. Then you don’t get such big changes on the temperature map, says the meteorologist.

Holiday Intended – If you’re worried about good weather – July is a month of sunshine.

It doesn’t get warm until later in the summer, Holmqvist adds svt Targeting August.

The forecast for northern Norway is similar to that for its neighbors to the east, Maiken Fassel, of the Meteorological Institute, told AN on Saturday:

It will be very cold and wet in the first week. It looks like it’s going to be colder next week than usual. Then it’s said to be warmer in Sweden, according to the monthly forecast, says Vassell – who also has no good news:

– It will stay cold for another two weeks, so it’s not entirely certain what will happen in the second part of June.

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So the weather is bad

In the coming days it will be as the meteorologist says:

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look promising.

– It will be cooler on Sunday evening. Then the snow line is about 600 metres. And Vasil explains that there is a lot of rain until then, especially on Sunday and Monday.

On Monday, precipitation decreases. Then there will be some downtime on Monday and Tuesday.

– Then there will be more rain on Wednesday and Thursday before there is hope for the weekend. Then the temperature seems to go up a bit.

There is high pressure in the south of Iceland, which is quite stable, which saves northerners from bad weather.

– This means that low pressures are being sent on a northerly trajectory to us, says the meteorologist.


– If high pressure moves towards us from Iceland, low pressures are sent towards Svalbard. Then there is hope for better weather for us.

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