summer, weather | Weather in Southern Norway: Switch between boots and flip-flops

summer, weather |  Weather in Southern Norway: Switch between boots and flip-flops

If you are in southern Norway at the beginning of this week, you should prepare for changing weather conditions. By the end of the week, there could be more sun and heat.

Switching between flip-flops and boots was the call from the Meteorological Center for those in southern Norway earlier this week. Here, the weather will continue to alternate between sunshine and rain showers, duty meteorologist Charalambos Sarkosidis told NTP.

In eastern Norway, Monday and Tuesday will be fine and lots of sun. However, you can expect afternoon showers but these are local and according to the weatherman you may be lucky to escape.

On the other hand, Wednesday looks very wet across southern Norway. Especially in eastern Norway, there will be more precipitation due to a new frontal system coming from the south. The amount of rainfall is currently uncertain and the meteorologist is asking people to stay up to date and watch for any danger warnings that come out on the day.

During the week and into the weekend, you can expect somewhat better weather with heat and sun in southern Norway, but there may still be some afternoon showers these days.

In western Norway and northern Norway, people should prepare for gray weather, rain and blizzards today and tomorrow. Wednesday looks set to offer better weather in northern Norway.

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