Sunday: Do you live in Sør-Troms, Ofoten or Indre Troms? – Leave the car!

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration warns of severe driving conditions and closed roads in some parts of northern Norway in the next few days.

Announcement: The Norwegian Public Roads Administration is encouraging motorists in some parts of the region to leave their cars on Sunday.
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The gruesome weather in northern Norway continues over much of the region. The NVE and the Norwegian Meteorological Agency warn of strong winds, rapid rising temperatures and heavy rainfall, especially on Sunday.

The weather is such that there is an increased risk of all types of landslides such as floods, landslides and landslides. The warnings have been extended from Salton in the south to Finmark in the north and west. The biggest challenges on the roads are expected to be in the Ofoten, Sør-Troms and Indre Troms areas.

Orange Danger Warnings: – Attach loose items

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration makes the following decisions:

– Unni Kifstad, director of the Department of Public Roads Management in Norway, writes in a press release that we are prepared for the condition of the roads to be more challenging, based on the danger warnings of the NVE and the Meteorological Agency. – In some parts of Ofoten, Sør-Troms and Indre Troms there will be very difficult driving conditions and problems getting on the roads.

Considered by: Unni Kifstadt, Norway Public Roads Administration
Photo: Archive – steystein Skotte

– Here we encourage people to get out of the car. Kifstad says roads can be closed at short notice, and there can be real danger of where you are going, or not returning home. Roads in other parts of northern Norway may be closed due to bad weather.

He encourages all road users to stay up-to-date on the latest weather forecasts and road conditions. Traffic information for national and district roads in Nordland and Troms and Finnmark can be found at

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