Sundri Gustad: – Reveals his secret girlfriend

Sundri Gustad: - Reveals his secret girlfriend

north norwegian actress Sundry Gustad (31) He reveals his secret girlfriend. He does it on Instagram.

In a longer text, he wrote, among other things, that he was sitting on the bus to downtown Harstad.

“Here I will meet my friend and his family.”

He also reveals that they live together.

History artist: Sondre Justad has received permission from the mystery woman to release the song “Fontena på Youngstorget” which is about the relationship. Gustad sang “Senkveld med Helene og Stian”. Video: TV 2
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In the post, Gustad wrote that it all started when he rode the tram in Oslo one March day two years ago. Thoughts came back to the guy he saw on Instagram a few days ago. Suddenly he saw the man passing through the tram and felt his pulse rise.

The artist liked a picture of the man’s profile and the conversation is ongoing.

“He’s cool, charming, totally innocent, not formal, has a lot of meat and probably has some qualities I’ve missed in myself. We have daily phone or FaceTime contact for a month before we decide to meet.”

The singer “Tears in the Heart” writes that they meet more and more often, become more famous. It feels natural and comfortable.

rip in the heart: Late at night, Henriette Steenstrup talks about what helped her when she was in the middle of a divorce.
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“Today we live together, and we can hold hands in the street without seeing ourselves from the outside, and this is pretty much tested as the most normal thing in the world. All the things I thought were bad and unnecessary and hurt my stomach.”

Dagbladet has been in touch with Kim Paulsen of Petroleum Records, who stated that Sondre Justad had no comment other than what he writes in the Instagram post.

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get love

Many of Norway’s greatest artists left love in the comments field of the post, praising Gustad for the beautiful script.

“That was awesome,” wrote Ina Roldsen.

Touched, says Matilda Griesberg, Faye Wildhagen leaves a red heart.

did not communicate: Sundry Gustad was among the guests on “Lindmo” this week, where he said his mother felt she hadn’t communicated with him. Video: NRK
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