November 27, 2022


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Sunniva Danielsen opplever at folk ringer henne istedenfor koronatelefonen i Vestvågøy.

Sunniva is being called by people who are now trying the Corona phone – NRK Nordland

This article is over a month old and may contain old advice from authorities regarding coronary heart disease.

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Saniva Danielson Trondheim is a little bored.

Tired of constantly getting calls from people calling and telling about private health information.

She says this has been going on since the fall of last year.

The frequency has varied. Some periods every day, other times once a week.

On average, you think it’s one to three phones per week.

– Lately brisk.

Number one is the reason

It’s number one and that’s the reason why Sunniva receives calls from people.

Her phone number ends in the digits 760.

The corona number of the municipality of Vestvågøy in Lofoten ends with the numbers 670.

Looks like people are pressing 76 where it should have been 67.

– Last fall was very busy. Then it looked like there was an outbreak or something. Then he calmed down. But then the vaccines came, and then the phones started again.

– Recently it has come often. They have time to say a little before I can interrupt them. There was someone here who started talking about his corona test. And someone who called this week spoke for an hour about his wife’s third dose.

They often start with information you don’t need to know at all.

– He. SheIt’s also not fun for people who call and start the conversation with information I won’t know until I can interrupt.

Asks the municipality to consider changing the number

What do they say when they find out that it is you and not the Corona phone they are talking to?

– I usually stop them very quickly, and tell them what kind of number they should actually call. But they got a little dizzy.

Danielson She says she spoke to Vestvågøy municipality, asking them if they could, for example, split the number on their website to make mistakes more difficult.

– Then there are those who say that they just pressed the number in the SMS. Then there are some who made a few mistakes.

– What can the municipality do?

– Do not write the wrong number when sending SMS, and divide the number on the site. But it’s not just up to the municipality, because people are typing wrong, too.

– The numbers are exactly the same, so I understood that people write incorrectly. But if more people are aware of this challenge, you may get a little better care.

– Have you thought about changing the numbers?

– I’ve had my number since I got my first phone when I was 12, and now I’m 30. I have no plan to change the number.

She thinks instead Municipal A number switch may be considered.

– When I spoke to the municipality, I was told that someone else had called and reported that the person had received Corona phones. So it’s not just me.

Vestvågøy will not change phone numbers

You asked for NRK Eva Kipsgaard Nordberg on this.

She is the chief municipal doctor in Vestvågøy. I wrote in an email:

We don’t know this, I’ve never had any comment on this before. The number mentioned in the text messages from the municipality must be correct.

We probably won’t change the numbers, this number has been used throughout the pandemic and is well known among our compatriots.

NRK Ba Nordberg doubleCheck if the municipality can be informed of the challenge through those who answer Corona’s phone.

In a new email, she confirmed:

I inquired a bit and it was confirmed that our Corona team received an inquiry about the incorrect connection. I can’t confirm who the inquiry came from. The municipality says the correct number, both on the website and in other means of communication with residents.