Supported Hackers: – Removed

Supported Hackers: – Removed

Dagbladet was in a larger investigation into the finances of the Russian hacker group Killnet I found out that famous Russian rapper Kaji Oboyama has openly supported hackers.

Killnet became a household name in Norway when they attacked the Norwegian authorities in June. The group originally developed malware, but after Russia invaded Ukraine, it was relaunched as part of Vladimir Putin’s cyber army. As a political player, they are now attacking NATO countries and other alleged enemies of Russia.

Simple exchange: In three years, nearly 50 Norwegian companies and municipalities have suffered data breaches by various Russian hacker gangs. Correspondent: Christina H. Corneliussen / Dagbladet TV
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Kaji Oboyma’s support for this has now led his distribution company to cancel the song.

“We have begun the process of deleting the version, or removing it from our systems,” Bakai Kolchev, founder of Infinity Music, wrote to Dagbladet.

TAKES ACTION: Bakai Kolchev responds to Kaji Obuema’s support for the Killnet hacker group. photo: private/instagram
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He explains:

– As you understand, it may still be possible for someone else to post it, as this is technical material and does not constitute a crime. But we do not want to deal with this, although it is impossible to keep track of all publications and runs.

Kolchaev says that information in Kyrgyzstan about Killnet and other hacker groups is limited. But points out:

Billionaire fraud: Dagbladet could reveal that the Killnet hacker group is linked to criminals with a fortune of more than 1 billion kroner in cryptocurrency. The money was obtained, among other things, by misusing the name of the richest man in the world. Correspondent: Christina H. Corneliussen / Dagbladet TV
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– We in Kyrgyzstan witnessed four revolutions and the government was overthrown. So we are well acquainted with political propaganda. I have many friends in Ukraine, and we see that the music community is divided into two camps – for and against.

Kolchaev further referred to the Infinity Music office, which did not answer follow-up questions from Dagbladet. Dagbladet also contacted Kaje Oboyma, but did not receive a response.


The breakup between Kaje Oboyma and Infinity Music isn’t the first consequence of Killnet’s scrutiny.

Cyprus financial firm Exness told Dagbladet this fall that it had fired a trusted employee that day, after Dagbladet revealed that the Russian Exness employee was behind the registration of a jewelry company producing jewelry for Killnet’s income.

The Ukrainian government also announced that it would take action, after Dagbladet revealed that funds from Russian hackers had been transferred through cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex.

Ukraine’s Minister of State Oleksandr Bornyakov, in Ukraine’s Ministry of Digitization, told Dagbladet that we will definitely respond to these possible sanctions violations.

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