Surprisingly, Croatia tightens entry rules: “Nobody expected it” – just now

Surprisingly, Croatia tightens entry rules: “Nobody expected it” – just now
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So far, Germans have been allowed to enter Croatia without restrictions. Now the government has tightened the rules without warning.

Until recently, travelers from countries with low infection rates did not have to worry about strict rules when vacationing in Croatia – this also applies to German tourists. Because Germany was on the Green List of the European Center for Disease Control and Prevention (ECTC), entry into Croatia was made “under conditions before the outbreak of Kovit-19” – So completely without the usual requirements like mandatory reporting or testing. It has now become completely astonishing.

These strict entry rules apply in Croatia

Border officials have been asking all passengers to do so since Thursday (July 1) New, EU level valid Corona certificate, Also known as the “Green Pass”. Reports about it Croatian Interior Ministry On his website. This rule applies wherever passengers come from. At present, however, certificates of negative testing, as well as evidence of a complete corona vaccine or recovery, are accepted only if they come from the European Union or the Schengen area and its affiliated countries and territories. A PCR test should not exceed 72 hours and an antigen test should not exceed 48 hours.

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After tightening the entry rules: traffic congestion on the way to Croatia

A German newspaper reported on Thursday that there were traffic jams in Hungary across the Gorigan border due to strict entry rules. Accordingly, passengers had to do Wait two to three hours for their border clearance. In addition to the Germans, the Czechs, Poles and Slovaks who want to go to Croatia via Hungary also use part of this motorway. That’s why the abrupt adjustment of entry rules caused discontent among the government in Prague – half a million checkers are said to be planning a holiday in Croatia in the summer. “No one expected it, and we were not informed about it,” Prime Minister Andrzej Bobby said. “We were surprised by the change.” (Fk)

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