– Surrendered – VG

- Surrendered - VG
The City: Rinat Rensev visited International City with fellow actor Anders Danielsen Lee and director Joachim Trier during the New York Film Festival.

Manhattan (VG) Two years ago, she almost gave up her acting career, and wanted to become a carpenter. On Sunday, she and the film Trier team received a standing ovation during the New York Film Festival.


“We were really touched, says Rinat Reinsev about the reaction of the New York audience when the comment came in the large cinema hall at Lincoln Center.”

As one of 32 films, Trier’s “The Worst Man in the World” was shown at the New York Film Festival.

The film has already garnered wide international attention, and Renzvi brought home perhaps the most generous award of them all – Best Actress – during Cannes Film Festival in July.

Thursday pulled out last week New York Times movie critics He promotes dramatic comedy as one of his favorites during the festival.

“We are very happy to be playing this movie,” New York Film Festival director Eugene Hernandez said on stage before showing it to the audience. He pointed out that the film was “one of the strongest films.”

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Director Joachim Trier (left), actor Anders Danielsen Lee, actor Rinat Reinsev and New York Film Festival director, Eugene Hernandez.

The world premiere of “The World’s Worst Man” didn’t take place in Norway until October 15, but in July Wrap VG Film to FiveAnd US IndieWire has already speculated that Reinsve might end up with one Oscar nomination.

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– It is wonderful that there are so many who believe. But it really has to hit the US market for this to work. We don’t know anything yet, but encouragement from others is more than enough, says Rainsvi in ​​his hotel room in New York.

ON THE RED RUNNER: Anders Danielson Lee (left), director Joachim Trier, Renate Rainsvi, Herbert Nordram and screenwriter Esquel Vogt stand together on the Cannes red carpet.

– give up

She had already intended to put her acting career on the shelf, and a day before Trier was called up in 2019 – she decided to retrain to become a carpenter.

But the phone call from the Norwegian director was to make her change her mind.

– I gave up on my ambitions, but I really wondered what he wanted. I did not dare to wish for anything, but it was clear that he had an idea, then there was no longer reason to doubt.

PLAYING JULIE: Renate Reinsve plays Julie in the new feature film Joachim Trier.

Rensvi plays 30-year-old Oslo woman “Julie” in search of her place in the world as the viewer engages in different chapters of Julie’s life.

She faces many choices, but in life you can never know if you’ve made a reflexive decision before you see the consequences. Some say that Jolie is problematic because she makes some choices that are difficult for others. Some options are also determined for it over time. But she says she is true to herself and the feelings she is experiencing.

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Trier Calls «The worst man in the world“The last part of the “Oslo Trilogy” is also important”repeat“(2006) and”Oslo, August 31» (2011).

Rainsvi is also in “Oslo, August 31”, but only as a small, one-liner supporting role: “Now they are waiting for us in Bleu.”

OSLO: Recording “The Worst Man in the World” at Ekeberg Restaurant with Anders Danielsen Lie, Joachim Trier and Renate Reinsve.

Trier: – Written on Renate

Rensev must have made an impression with his blue streak, because on stage in New York, Trier left nothing in between:

– The role was written for Renate.

A manager has never asked me any other way to relinquish control in this way, says Rensvi of the Declaration of Confidence.

Joachim is very good with people and does not judge anyone. In the film, shame, sadness, loneliness, and a woman’s sexuality will be highlighted as life is. It has to be real, and it’s liberating for me as an actor to play such a role. I also hope that there are many more who can identify themselves.

Anders Danielsen Lie and Herbert Nordrum play the other main roles in “The World’s Worst Man”.

“This will be celebrated many times,” fellow actor Danielson Lee told VG after the awards ceremony in Cannes.

“We’re always excited about how the film will be received in new places, and obviously we have to celebrate a little bit when we get such a great reception as here in New York,” says Rensev.

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