Surveillance cameras in the toilets at Hadsell High School in Westerollen may have been around for a year – NRK Nordland

Surveillance cameras in the toilets at Hadsell High School in Westerollen may have been around for a year – NRK Nordland

Staff and pupils were frightened after someone filmed them in the toilets at Hadsell High School.

On Monday, it became known that surveillance cameras had been installed in six disabled toilets at the school in Vesterålen.

For a long time, it was uncertain how long the cameras had been fixed to the ceiling.

When the students began digging through their own photos from social media, they found documentation that the cameras had been hanging there for at least a year.

The cameras should look like smoke detectors, but they have a camouflaged camera.

From this angle a surveillance camera has been installed inside the toilet.

Photo: John Inge Johansen/NRK

He was there for over a year

– There are rumors and pictures of people who think they saw the cameras a year ago. So we know the cameras have been hanging there for at least a year, says student council leader Live Goldberg.

The pupils, who have been busy with little else this week, worry about what is being photographed and who is with the material.

Television: Sarah Stickolmen and Live Goldberg

(Former) Sarah Stickolmen and student council leader Life Goldberg. Many people fear what the security cameras caught, says Goldberg.

Photo: Jens Andre M. Birkeland

– This is what most people fear. It must have been filmed, Guldberg says, and that it must have spread further.

See tips on how to detect security cameras at the bottom of the article.

I want school life back

Since Monday, students, parents and school staff have been worried.

At the moment, the police will not say anything more than that the investigation is underway.

“Crime technicians have begun investigations, but because of the investigation, the police will not disclose the type of equipment,” says police attorney Ken Rierth.

Police attorney Ken Rierth

Ken Rierth is a police attorney in the Nordland Police District. They have not yet examined the cameras that have been handed over to the police.

Photo: John Inge Johansen/NRK

The students are impatient and hope the police will solve the case soon.

– The fact that we can get our school life back and live normally again. Live Guldberg says people are almost afraid to go to the toilet and find it uncomfortable.

Checks all schools

Principal Inge Holm says many people are scared and anxious, and don’t like the idea that cameras might have been hanging there for over a year.

– It’s alarming, of course, and we try not to speculate too much.

Hidden camera in a smoke detector

According to what NRK has learned, this model, which looks like a smoke detector, was mounted to the ceiling of the handicapped toilet.

Image: Product image from the online supplier

Following the incident, Nordland County Council introduced new procedures with regular checks for illegal cameras. Not only at Hadsel VGS in Vesterålen, but in all schools.

On Tuesday, Geir Hreid-Hansen, acting district director for education and skills, said technology has reached such a point that a camera can be hidden in practically anything.

How to identify a hidden camera

It takes not just a few keystrokes to order a camera that sounds like a smoke alarm, but also a number of other everyday things.

So how can one avoid worrying about surveillance?

Fortunately, hidden spy cameras can be easy to spot if you just know what to look for.

In Norway there are a few guys who sell what they call “spy equipment” – and all online stores supply this type of camera.

Hidden camera in smoke detectors
Image: Product image from the online supplier

Online store owners in Norway do not want to be interviewed about spy cameras. That’s why we called in a private detective.

Terje Holt Horslund has extensive experience with hidden cameras. Not as a source of own action, but to see if they are nearby.

His best advice is to be aware if things are entering the environment that have changed their character.

It could be anything from smoke detectors to other things that suddenly change.

– In areas where you stay a lot, it’s very easy to tell if you’re on guard, says the detective.

Here you will find a list of other popular items with a built-in security camera.

car keys

Hidden camera in car keys
Image: Product image from the online supplier

The bestseller now worldwide is the car key with built-in recording option, but the selection is huge. Both when it comes to different units – not least the worldwide suppliers.

When selling such camouflage cameras, can they be used in good faith?

– It’s right on the edge. Basically, they are not legal. Private Investigator says there are many different locations where it can be purchased, there are hangers and coat hooks with built-in cameras that you can buy and, for example, you can hang in the wardrobe there or anywhere else.

smart watch

The hidden camera in the smart watch
Image: Product image from the online supplier

– The best way to do this depends on experience with where to place hidden cameras. Then there is a lot of equipment that you can buy online. These are frequency finders that absorb what hidden cameras use, Horslund says.

He says they recorded everything from sockets and light switches or the little clock.


Hidden camera button
Image: Product image from the online supplier

The smallest model yet found on the internet is from NRK in a wood screw.

– Is it legal?

The Norwegian Data Protection Authority, after all, regulated the camera industry and the use of surveillance equipment. Presumably, those who are going to travel in a particular area should be aware that there are cameras. If you use covert surveillance after that, you can’t claim that someone knows how many cameras, Holt Horslund says.

USB adapter

Hidden camera in USB adapter
Image: Product image from the online supplier

Alarm clocks, junction boxes, USB chargers, TV remotes, and mini cameras that fit inside anything. Only imagination sets limits.

Computer mouse

Hidden camera in a computer mouse
Image: Product image from the online supplier

Many have been convicted

The cameras filmed earlier in the article, at Hadsell High School, have not been connected to the county council’s network. Thus, it probably only works against cell phones that are paired with the camera at close range.

This is not the first time a school has been subjected to this type of abuse.

In a Swedish school, a 25-year-old installed several cameras. He was He was sentenced to a year and a half in prisonin addition to compensation of 325,000 Swedish kronor after his exposure.

A stepfather in Norway is not thought to have installed cameras to see if windows are open in a room. The photo section was towards the stepdaughter’s bed.

Another man confessed to everything when he was shown installing several cameras in a tenant’s apartment. He said it bluntly The purpose was to see her naked.

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