Suspended in the shield after the decision to check the data: – Imagine that the electrician was told to use insulated wires

Suspended in the shield after the decision to check the data: - Imagine that the electrician was told to use insulated wires

The version 2 commentator believes that the powers of the Danish supervisory authorities are too restrictive. He reacts after a car dealership was asked to only encrypt his passwords by the Danish Data Protection Agency after customer information was leaked.

Imagine that an electrician ordered the use of insulated wires after the audit. Camp wrote in the comment that he will lose the authorization immediately, and you will have big problems getting it back danish technology website.

Told to encrypt passwords

The Danish commentator further wrote that it is very common in a number of industries to have a certificate of proficiency that can be forfeited if you do not perform the job according to certain standards.

This applies to working with water, cooling, heating, electrical, elevators, asphalt, sewage, welding, and steering cranes — as well as a number of other jobs, he says.

The commentator’s anger erupted after Danish car dealer T. Hansen Gruppen came under fire from the Danish Data Protection Agency. Although the Danish merchant and their security experts did not follow good security practices, they were only required to encrypt their passwords until next time.

IT jobs are open to everyone. No matter how inefficient and harmful they are, Camp wrote in the commentary.

12 commissions since 2018

Denmark is ranked 14th above Countries that pay the most GDPR fines in Europe, while we are in Norway in fifth place. On average, a fee of about NOK 700,000 is charged when the Data Inspectorate of Norway first retrieves the exact block.

Only in Spain, Italy, Romania and Hungary are more GDPR fees printed than in Norway. In total, in Norway we issued fines of about 22 million kroner – through 32 fees – after the legislation went into effect in 2018, the security firm writes. ESET in a poll.

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This shows that we are active and take our social mission seriously. The Data Inspection Service wants to show that we take privacy seriously, which is constantly under pressure. It’s important for us to make companies and individuals aware of how important privacy really is, Director of Communications Janne Stang Dahl at the Data Inspectorate told when we discussed the issue.

In our neighboring country, the Danes charge 12 fees at an average rate of 500,000 kroner.

Amazon received the largest fine of GDP

It is the global giants that have received the largest fees in Europe so far.

Amazon received GDP fine of 746 million euros (currently corresponds to NOK 7.3 billion), while Google’s largest fee was NOK 500 million, according to ESET.

Also H&M Receive a large fee. They had to pay 350 million kroner for their misunderstanding of the new regulations.

ESET notes that the fines imposed in the largest cases are due to the fact that the companies processed the data on questionable legal grounds.

In practice, this means that they use customer data without it being necessary.

Although the fines can be huge, that doesn’t seem to stop companies, says security expert Jake Moore at ESET.

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