November 30, 2022


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Suspicious star pairing in this year's "Maskorama".

Suspicious star pairing in this year’s “Maskorama”.

The stage is immediately set for this year’s guessing game as the third season wraps up “Masquerade” Departs on Saturday evening.

This year’s costumes have already been revealed and we get to know Zombie, Huldra, Snøroboten, Dandy, Hytta, Rabagasten, Ulven and Frøya in the third round of the NRK hit.

Three detectives in the team, John Thomas (55), Marion Raven (38) And Nicole Ram (33) He says expectations are “sky high” and admits detective work is already underway.

Masks: Maskorama returns to Norwegian TV screens on Saturday 15 October. Video: NRK
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Suspicious Twins

– After two seasons you’ve learned quite a bit, and so have I, John Thomas explains to Dogbladet.

– A lot comes to me along the way, so we learned that clothes can have hints.

Ram has also learned lessons from previous seasons to break this year’s “Maskorama” codes.

– King Abid, he made a fool of all Norway. Suddenly he stood up and became a sky. We thought it was a little boy, so things like this could happen, and there are so many strange things inside the masks. Maybe there are too many people?

All three agree that a cabin outfit can have more than one participant.

– Ronnies and Nammis maybe, Ram suggests.

Ronis and Nummis are in this context Harald Ronneberg and Thomas Numme.

Smart: Ditrich Elli-Tangan conquers Mascorama. Here he reveals how he fooled many people during the show. Video: Morgan/Helseth.
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It can also be said that John Thomas attended a party with many potential participants.

– Some interesting conversations took place after a few scenes, the famous stylist says confidentially, and continues:

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– I can imagine Don Tomley as Hultra and Anne Lindmo as Snow Robot.

Hoping for Holland

The possibilities are almost endless, as previous seasons have featured such a wide range of celebrities on stage.

Among others, finance minister Trygve Slacksvold Wade (43) sings a creepy song, and we see music star Ulrike Brandstorp (27) excel as a troll.

Hence, the scope for error is huge, and both Rawn, Ram and John Thomas admit that they have various weaknesses.

“Muscorama”: Bear Bear may have shown a bit more than intended in Saturday’s performance. Video: NRK
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– I am completely distrustful of names of politicians and sports in general. Ravan says I am the best artist.

Ram, for his part, admits that his weak point is his YouTube and TikTok profiles.

However, they have become many dream participants:

– Would love to see Erling Brad Holland in “Muskorama”. He plays a game at four o’clock on Saturdays and he can be here until eight o’clock. Ram says he has a private plane and it will be fine.

Revealed: Christian Ringnes is delighted to have emerged as the lucky pig at this year’s Muskorama.
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– Erna Solberg! She has a little more time now, Raven chimes in.

John Thomas, for his part, is looking forward to the royal visit, but at the same time “sweet brother” Carola Hockquist (56) has not given up the dream of a visit.

– Then I fall off the chair and want mouth-to-mouth … Then I will start as Nikolai.