SV Breaks: – There is no basis for the government of red and green in this round

SV Breaks: - There is no basis for the government of red and green in this round

On Wednesday morning, the SV apparently halted talks with Labor and the SV. The party is now in opposition.

We are very disappointed that there is no basis for a red and green government in this round. Since the election, we have worked hard for a government that minimizes differences and takes strong action against the climate and nature crisis, says Audun Lisbachen in a press release.

Lysbakken says that SV has always been “clear that it will be the overarching policy of equitable distribution, climate and nature integrity that will determine whether SV moves to government.”

– Because we see that everyone in these areas will be very weak, we are now facing opposition and fighting for these issues in Parliament, says Lisbachen.

– disappointing

During a press conference, Lysbakken said SV was at a point he hoped the party would not reach.

– With great disappointment we must admit that there is no political basis for the formation of a red and green government. Over the past two years, we’ve said, time and time again, that the integrity of a policy of equitable distribution, climate and nature is critical, he says.

Lisbakken says the party cannot stick to the policy proposed by the Labor Party and the Socialist People’s Party. Then they disappoint people who are interested in dropping differences and who want to do more for the climate and nature.

Now a life in opposition awaits.

– We have a strong position in Parliament. This is a position we intend to use, Lysbakken says.

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HURDAL: Sudanese Socialist Party leader Odon Lisbaken (centre) and Torger Knag Felixsens hold a press conference after a break in polls between SV, Ap and Sp over possible government cooperation at the Hurdalsjøen Hotel on Wednesday.  Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB -

Hurdal: Sudanese Socialist Party leader Udon Lisbaken (centre) and Torger Knag Felixsens hold a press conference after a break in polls between SV, Ap and Sp over possible government cooperation at the Hurdalsjøen Hotel on Wednesday. Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB – (Photo: Terje Pedersen)

SV top, Carrie Elizabeth Caskey, votes.

– This is a real shame. Not for SV, but for all voters who want climate policy that pays off and real redistribution. I think SV is necessary in government, but not in policies that don’t bring about change. “Then we can instead make important breakthroughs in Parliament,” she wrote on Twitter.

The reason: climate and inequality

Lysbakken says the other two parties haven’t met SV enough on important issues like climate, oil and inequality. The party leader says the climate policy that was on the table will not be a credible answer to the climate crisis.

– There are a number of topics we discussed. This applies to different aspects of climate policy and oil policy. He explains that oil policy is one area where we have found that it is not possible to go far enough.

Lisbakken says he was optimistic about the government’s prospects on Friday.

– We discussed this on the task force last night. Then we had discussions all morning. The final summary between the three parties we took an hour ago.

Still disappointed.

– We are disappointed by this. We thought it was possible to move on. Our goal was to reach the finish line. We think this would be a much better solution. He says the other parties haven’t met us enough.

Enters the opposition – under relations with the new government

– It is now clear that the SV can achieve a better policy for the voters of the opposition than to participate in the government on the terms indicated in the ballot. Accepting these matters, Lysbakken says in the press release, means we will disappoint people concerned about strong tax change for climate, nature, and fair distribution.

With that, Lisbachen stresses that they support a new government.

– SV prefers a government led by the Labor Party over a bourgeois government. Therefore, the Labor Party and the Socialist People’s Party can continue talks to form a new government. We will work constructively if the government seeks a majority with us, but then we will be free to address all issues, including those that could not be achieved in government polls, he said.

Nor does it close the door to future cooperation.

– The SV will be at any time during the four-year period open to negotiating a red-green majority government, the condition being that you negotiate with white papers, he says.

The government of the dream smokes

The Labor Party and the Center Party continue to vote now. At the time of writing, the most powerful body in the Labor Party, the party’s central government, is united.

The leader of the Labor Party, Jonas Gahr Store, has always been clear that he wants a majority government made up of the Labor Party, the Socialist People’s Party and the Socialist People’s Party. Break this dream. If the Labor Party and the Socialist People’s Party form a government, they can therefore seek majority support in Parliament by more than SV.

– Jonas had another goal. I had another goal. This is a huge disappointment for us. I wish we were somewhere else. But we are loyal to the things we said to those who voted for SV that we should achieve. And my honest assessment is that if we get into government now, we won’t get enough of it.

Lysbakken will not comment on what Labor is offering to include SV on the team.

– I will not go into the positions of the other parties, but at some point a government statement will be issued. We will comment on that. I have no doubt that Labor wants a red and green government, but still, what is on the table does not reflect what is more important to us, he says.

The Center Party has always been clear that it wants a Labor/Socialist government.

– We are ready to negotiate with the government, but the premise is that we must negotiate with white papers. On the day they’re ready, says Lysbakken, just call.(Terms)Copyright Dagens Næringsliv AS and/or our suppliers. We want you to share our cases using a link that leads directly to our pages. All or part of the Content may not be copied or otherwise used with written permission or as permitted by law. For additional terms look here.

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