December 9, 2022


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SV for minimum pensioners of the country. – The fight for a more dignified pension for them will be central to us in the negotiations with the government on the state budget, says Kirsty Bergstow, SV vice president. – V.G

DREAD: SV’s Kirsty Bergstow refers to conversations with low-income pensioners who dread Christmas because they can’t give their grandchildren the presents they want.

SV for minimum pensioners of the country. – The fight for a more dignified pension for them will be central to us in the negotiations with the government on the state budget, says Kirsty Bergstow, SV vice president.

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He says a sharp increase in pensions will be demanded for single minimum pensioners next year.

SV estimates the total cost at around NOK 550 million.

– We can afford it. With rising prices of food, electricity, interest and fuel, minimum pensioners are a tight-knit group, says S.V. Vice President

– They fear Christmas

SV has as a long-term goal to raise the annual pension of NOK 7,500 until the minimum pensioners are lifted out of poverty. 60 goals of the European UnionThis means that no one can earn less than 60 percent of the median income in Norway.

– That target is ready, but we need to see the entire national budget before we can clarify the scale. We will give the biggest increase to single minimum pensioners, says Bergstow.

He says they have received a lot of evidence that it is needed.

– I get a lot of questions from people on minimum pensions who need to save up for a hot meal, can’t afford anything and are struggling to pay their monthly bills.

She talks about other conversations.

– They dread Christmas, when they have to buy presents – and their grandchildren’s birthdays. It is disrespectful. Bergsto says this cannot be the case in Norway’s welfare society.

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Committee Chair: Bergsto also chairs the Labor and Social Affairs Committee of Storting.

He says there are many good red-and-green sides to their claim.

– This is both a fight for equality – minimum pensioners are mostly women – and raising from below.

He refers to statements by politicians in Ap and Sp who spoke warmly in favor of increasing the minimum pension.

And there is a promise on the hartal platform.

– irresponsible

Eigil Knutsen, chairman of APS in the financial board of the Storting, The recently accused S.V For pursuing inappropriate economic policy.

– In today’s economic climate, can you give a new example of this?

– No, there is an opening for redistribution, if we want to raise from the bottom, priority should be given to the minimum pensioners.

– How important is this case to you in the upcoming negotiations with the government on next year’s state budget?

– It is not only important, but absolutely necessary to do something about the minimum pension to reduce the disparities. The government has promised to raise the minimum pension and now they are going to make the first national budget and I expect them to deliver on that.

– Isn’t it very unrealistic when the government signals that it needs to tighten spending drastically?

– This budget should be used for redistribution. Both Ap and Sp have signaled. I believe that the 33 billion tax increase they are now proposing could be used to bring about such discretionary redistribution and then increase income for the minimum pensioners.

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Optimist: Kirsty Bergstow says she is confident of winning negotiations with the government on behalf of minimum pensioners. His party will first hold talks with the government. If they agree, all three parties will have a majority.

broke with the government

He says it shouldn’t surprise anyone that they prioritize minimum pensioners:

The first issue was the struggle to raise pensions for the least pensioners SV chose to break off cooperation with the governmentIn an important matter.

This happened in March this year, when SV unsuccessfully fought for an increase in the minimum pensioner to NOK 7,500 in connection with negotiations on changes to the National Insurance Act.

– Bad company

He urges the government to take the right decision this time.

– This spring, the government chose to go to the Conservatives to gain a majority. The Conservative Party is bad company in redistributive politics. So, he says, the government should work with us to get a fair pension system.

A minimum pensioner gets NOK 209,500 On pension.

A minimum pensioner married to a non-minimum pensioner receives NOK 194,000.

APS’s parliamentary leader, Rigmor Aasrud, says they will tackle SV’s demands and wishes when negotiations on the state budget begin in the Storting later this fall.

The government will present the proposal for the national budget on Thursday.