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Stad Skipstunnel - Moldefjorden

It is in its alternative state budget that SV Stadt proposes to cut the ship tunnel.

A ship tunnel worth NOK 3 billion (without VAT) was included in the government’s submission to the state budget, much to the delight of the coastline. Construction is expected to begin in early 2024.

Since 1990, the ship has passed through the tunnel 20 different descriptionsR.

SV now wants to take the subway out of the national budget in the talks in Storting. They indicate tight economic conditions.

– This year we won’t prioritize it, we don’t have room for the Stadt Ship Tunnel, says SV’s Transport Policy Spokesperson Mona Fajeras.

It will take 5 years to build the 2.2 km long tunnel with a height of 50 meters and a width of 36 meters.

Photo: Chart / Kystverket/Snøhetta/Plomp

Better to invest in the motorway and follow it around Bergen

The tunnel will enable shipping to avoid the Stadtvet, which according to the Norwegian Coastal Administration is the most weather-exposed and dangerous sea on the Norwegian coast.

Critics argued that Many ships will stop using the tunnel and it is not economically viable.

SV focuses on the motorway at E16 Arna-Voss and the new railway, Piepanen at Bergen and Roldalstunnel at Hartanger.

The government has not found the money for these three schemes submitted in the national budget.

– The transport projects in Westland are against each other, I was afraid that we had to cut the Stadt ship tunnel, because the government did not prioritize other projects, says Hej Löthe, county manager of Westland SV.

SV has previously promised a staat ship tunnel in his party programme. Lothe says they stand by their promise, but the tunnel is low on the priority list.

– Why are roads and tracks around a large city more important than safe transportation at sea?

– The road from Bergen to Voss is subject to many landslides, and landslide protection is important. There will be a trade-off, says Lotte, and E16 is critical to setting the rise.

One of the arguments for the Stadt Skipstunnel was that a fast ferry link could be established between Bergen and Ålesund. But according to Sunnmørsposten The district administration in Møre og Romsdal is now asking for such a solution because they think it would be too expensive.

Light rail to Asan at Norwegian Business School

A light rail line in Bergen to Åsane will cost NOK 17 billion. The government will postpone negotiations on partial funding until 2024.

Photo: Municipality of Bergen

– Clear breach of promise

Stade Hogre’s leader, Magne Feuer, believes the governing party will stick to its budget plan when it comes to the ship tunnel.

– We rely on Ap and Sp so that the project can proceed without unnecessary and costly interruptions.

– This is a clear breach of SV’s promise, says Storting Erling Sande (SP) head of the transport committee.

Sande promises to fight for the license when SV and the ruling party negotiate the state budget.

– Talks loudly about getting more freight to Kiel from vegans and they want greener shipping, then it’s strange that they’re prioritizing the ship tunnel, which is an important step to achieve their goals.

The postponement would mean disruption to the tunnel’s planning.

– I hope and assume that SV will not succeed in its claim.

He also disagreed with SV’s belief that they should re-prioritize within the county of Vestland.

– This is the state budget. For example, SV supports the government’s plans for two major airport projects in Nordland. So it’s a weird excuse.

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