Sven is deprived of his smartphone and has strict limits on screen time: – I don't feel like I'm missing anything

Sven is deprived of his smartphone and has strict limits on screen time: – I don't feel like I'm missing anything

366 days without smartphones and social media, plus the strict limitations of a screen. The PC can be used during working hours to pay bills, write texts and update yourself on Premier League highlights. This is Sven Bisgaard Sundet's daily life at NRK.

– Right now, I'm able to watch about seven hours of screen time a week, but we've had periods with no screen at all. He says these guidelines were set by the director of NRK.

The background is that Sundet, with Mike Stillson, is making an NRK series about logging out.

Play LonsjQuiz on Trønderbladet at 11.30 on Friday.

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“He's alone”

The project began in September last year. Sundet took his iPhone and slammed it into the living room of the house. NRK has provided him with a Nokia 105, so he can make and receive calls in any situation.

Sundet runs the podcast Heia Fotball with Tete Lidbom. To keep up with the latest podcasts, he spends six out of seven hours in front of the screen watching football.

-I missed playing PlayStation a little bit. I have completely stopped using Netflix.

The downside is that he falls a bit out of his social circle, when he's unable to update himself with what's happening on screen.

– When everyone sees Macta, you feel like you have to see her to keep up. I was like the only person who didn't see it. “I'm a little late to the social game,” he says.

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Don't miss anything

But Sandette doesn't feel like the world is running away from him. On the contrary, he believes that he is receiving enough information, and has adopted more traditional information channels.

-I don't feel like I'm missing anything. I think we update ourselves too much. It's a good idea to reduce the constant updating. I listen to the morning news on the radio, and then I listen to the most important things. Now I listen to a lot of radio in the car, including 4-4-2 Radio Sports.

On Friday, Sundet will appear as a guest on LonsjQuiz.

-If there are related questions in the test, I will have difficulty. But I don't have a special competitive instinct, so it doesn't matter if I come in last.

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He rejoices

Sundet is very excited because he finally gets to play Kahoot.

-I love quizzes, I listen to Easter Maze, and we always have quiz books in the cabin. I play with TP, Geni and Bezzerwisser and I was in charge of the football tests. “We did a lot of testing at Heia Football,” he says.

In order to play, he must come to Adressabygget on Friday morning. There he will be put in front of the camera and will have access to a computer that can answer him.

-I missed being able to play Kahoot, so this was perfect for me.

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