Svimir New School Svimir | New Svimir School is one step closer to the start of construction

Svimir New School Svimir |  New Svimir School is one step closer to the start of construction

Sovemir: The new Svemir School will be built over two floors and will accommodate approximately 800 pupils and approximately 100 staff when completed in the winter of 2025.

The preliminary project is now over, and many of the students’ wishes have found a place in the new school.

– Workshops were held with students, where, among other things, they drew their perception of the new school on paper and in 3D in the PC game Minecraft. On the basis of the inputs and meetings in which the school counselor worked closely with the users, the basis for the space program and the function was formed, explains Municipal Director Oyvind Henriksen.

The school will be built on two floors, consisting of three squares connected to each other. On the first floor in the middle square, there will be the main entrance, goods reception, technical rooms, common functions, canteen, grandstand with svan and skylight, specialized room and warehouse.

On the second floor, there will be a library, cleaning center, technical rooms, student health service, administration, teacher’s workroom, meeting room and staff room.

In the two squares on each side are the staircase areas with classrooms, car room, after-school bases and student toilets.

– The second and second levels have their own decentralized entrances from the external areas designated for them, and they lead to the level changing rooms. All entrances are universally designed and there are two elevators in the building. In the grading areas, all classrooms are arranged with the long side facing the outer wall to get as much daylight into the classrooms as possible. There are four classrooms and three group rooms in each step area. Flexible solutions are planned for different learning situations as all levels have a common area with a small amphitheater for seating, a large group room, seating facilities and access to an engine room located in the center of the arena, with skylights to meet daylight requirements in all living areas. Steps have transparent, screened floor plans. This gives the opportunity to learn in protected areas, while at the same time you can get students active in the motor skills room or in the common area, explains the mayor.

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Input from students

Many student inputs are included in the Room and Career program. The wishes passed down from the students are transparent and light colors, a clear division of steps between small and medium steps, group rooms with varied furniture, the opportunity to be more together and have a quiet work, large and airy rooms and many meeting places, windows to look through, the heart of the school As a core connected by several common rooms, a canteen, an outside area providing the opportunity for both organized and unstructured activities, some places for protection from the weather, several toilets and a water park.

– For children and young people, the functions of the school’s outdoor area will be of particular importance, as it will also serve as a community facility after school and in the evenings. It is important that activities and living areas are adapted to the group of users for which they are intended, and this is ensured through user participation and inclusion of pupils and staff in the Soufmere School. The exterior and interior design must have good qualities, explains the municipal manager.

Here you can read more about the new Svemir school

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