Sweden: A man is killed after his son was wanted on TV

Sweden: A man is killed after his son was wanted on TV
I decided to research: Prosecutor Ingrid Isgren at the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Uppsala.

On Thursday evening, the Swedish police published the name and photo of a wanted man. Four hours later, the father of the 25-year-old was shot in his home.


The father, who was in his fifties, was murdered at his home in Tulling outside Stockholm. Swedish media said he was shot in the upper body.

The report stated that the murder occurred while a woman and two minor children were in the house Aftonbladet.

So far no one has been arrested.

Police received a report of the shooting at 00:11 on Friday night.

Police on gang violence: We are not in control

The scene: The man in his 50s was shot dead at his home in Tulling, just south of Stockholm, on Friday night.

Wanted on prime time TV

According to Aftonbladet, tonight’s murder victim must have no criminal history, but his 25-year-old son, on the other hand, must.

Just four hours before the crime, the 25-year-old was wanted by the Swedish police.

It happened in prime time on TV – on the live TV show “Efterlyst”, which airs at 8 pm on Thursdays on Sweden’s TV3.

Social media: This is how the request that the TV show posted on Facebook yesterday looked like. The two were charged with attempted murder in Uppsala in January.

The 25-year-old and another man have been charged with attempted murder after a shooting incident in Uppsala on January 19.

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Police believe that the two fired about 20 rounds at a house where relatives of the leader of the “Kurdish Fox” gang live.

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Prosecutor: Terribly tragic

The investigation into the attempted murder in January is being led by the Uppsala Public Prosecutor’s Office, which is the local public prosecutor’s office.

In consultation with the police, the Public Prosecutor’s Office decided to call the 25-year-old by name and photo during Thursday’s television broadcast.

– Now we don’t know for sure if there was any connection, but it’s very tragic if there was, says chief prosecutor Ingrid Isgren svt.

According to the public prosecutor, there are no firm guidelines on when and how information about wanted persons will be shared in the media. According to Izgren, that is up to the individual investigation director.

The public prosecutor says that sharing information about wanted victims is yielding good results.

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Remote control: Swedish police believe the “Kurdish Fox” controls a large portion of serious gang crime from Turkey, where it is said to be at the moment.

associated with guerrilla warfare

The murder of the 25-year-old’s father is linked to the conflict between the leaders of the “Kurdish Fox” and “The Greek” gangs, which was said to be the background for a number of shootings, explosions, killings and killings. Violence in Sweden in recent months.

An anonymous source says the following Aftonbladet:

– The shooting last night may have been revenge for the shooting in Uppsala. It remains unclear whether the shooting was a mistake, the wrong person being shot while chasing the son, or whether a relative was shot on purpose in revenge. But innocent people have been killed before.

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According to Expressen, the conflict between the two gang leaders revolves around control over drug sales in different parts of eastern Sweden.

It is said that both leaders are currently in other countries, including the “Kurdish Fox”. Be in Turkey.


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