Swedish artist accused of playing ‘devil’s music’

Swedish artist accused of playing ‘devil’s music’

Swedish musician and organist Anna von Hossoffulf, 35, was forced to cancel two concerts in two French cities, when Catholic protesters accused the 35-year-old of playing “devil’s music”.

The first party was being held in a church in Nantes on Tuesday night, but it stopped when dozens of protesters blocked the entrance to the church, chanting, shouting and singing “Holy Mary, pray for us poor sinners.”

– Scary and sad

according to BBC Protesters hanged themselves in the song “Grain” by singer Von Haus Wolff, in which she sings in a line that made him love the devil.

in a Post on Instagram Hausswolff himself describes the frightening experience.

«Here I sit inside the church and listen to 50 to 100 Integrators screaming and yelling outside the church doors. They have closed the road to nearly 400 people. It was a frightening, intense, and boring situation. There was nothing we could do but cancel, as we had very little security. I think of all my wonderful fans who have stood in peace and patiently outside (…) The Church and I work together, not against each other.»

When the concert at Saint-Eustache in Paris was called off, the team around Huss Wolf was in a hurry to find a new venue for the concert. The choice fell on an unnamed Protestant church near the Arc de Triomphe.

The new address was given only to those who had purchased a ticket, with a message not to pass on information.

– Extremist soldiers

According to the BBC, Culture Minister Roslyn Bachelot described the protesters as military extremists, clearly siding with House Wolf by saying that implementation entails freedom of artistic creation.

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After the secret ceremony, the musician posted a tribute to Instagram where she thanked the now-named church and pastor who made the execution possible:

«Paris, we did it! Thanks to the Protestant Eglise Reformee de l’Etoile and Reverend Louis Perno for making this possible at the last minute. I weep for all the support, love and courage from all the people who have been around me these turbulent days past.»

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