Swedish chicken warns

Swedish chicken warns

The Swedish branch of the WWF, WWF, has published in Norwegian a new version of Meat guide report.. In it, almost all Swedish chickens are given a red flag, which the World Conservation Fund for Nature (WWF) then recommends to stay away from since there is a risk of a significant impact on the planet.

Admittedly, there are a few exceptions—only chicken marked “requirement” gets the WWF green light, but only 0.9 percent of the total weight sold in the grocery trade according to NielsenIQ statistics.

Chickens labeled “Label rouge” (from France), “Swedish Seal Climate Certification” and “EU-Organic” all receive a yellow light from the WWF, which means there are challenges related to the environment and/or animal welfare, and this one should be considered Caution with items in this category.

poor animal care

Thus the majority of Swedish chickens get a red flag in the WWF meat guide, and there are two categories in particular that are concerned with that. One is the use of chemical pesticides and the other is animal welfare. The biodiversity and climate categories are highlighted in yellow, while (reduced) antibiotic use means that Swedish chickens are green at that point.

Norway was not included in the survey because the WWF only looked at Swedish chicken, as well as the countries from which Swedish traders import chicken.

WWF report for Sweden and some other countries.  Note that Norwegian chickens are not included in the WWF report.  Photo: WWF

WWF report for Sweden and some other countries. Note that Norwegian chickens are not included in the WWF report. Photo: WWF
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Swedish chicken warns

– Apart from chickens marked with Krav and Label Rouge, in principle, chickens are not allowed to go outside. Instead, they live indoors their whole lives in halls with thousands of birds, according to a WWF report.

They also comment that many chickens have health problems because rapid growth does not match muscle mass growth, and that the rate of killing due to osteoporosis is much higher than chickens that grow slower. They move less, have a higher rate of heart attacks and a weaker immune system.

Red flag incorrectly

However, the Swedish chicken industry organization is critical of the WWF report. in a press release They write that Swedish chickens meet WWF climate requirements, in terms of carbon dioxide emissions and renewable energy use and that the soybeans used in the feed are WWF certified and not GMO.

In other words, they believe the yellow face under the climate should have been green, which in this case would have put Sweden in the yellow part of the table, with the same rating as the Swedish Seal products.

The Swedish chicken also believes that the animals’ living conditions are better than they should be for the WWF, and that the studies the WWF established in its assessment are outdated, foreign and not transferable to Swedish conditions. Among other things, growth rate is a variable that is not included when the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences assesses animal welfare.

As a poultry farmer in daily contact with animals, I know that my chickens are in good health. It also shows the latest behavioral study reported to the Swedish Agriculture Board. We rarely treat our chickens with antibiotics, which proves their health, says Jenny Anderson, a chicken farmer from Småland.

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