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Den svenske rapperen Einár, eller Nils Kurt Erik Einár Grönberg, ble skutt i Stockholm torsdag kveld.

Police were alerted to the shooting in Hammarby, south of Stockholm, at 22.50 on Thursday. A man was found shot. He is said to have been shot in the head and chest.

Police later said that he died of his injuries and that his relatives had been notified. According to several Swedish media outlets, 19-year-old Swedish rap artist Einar was killed. It is said that the shooting happened in the areas where he lives.

On Friday evening, police used a helicopter to search for the perpetrators.

Police spokeswoman Karina Skagerlind says there is information that one or two people have fled the scene.

On Friday evening, the police confirmed that a murder investigation had been opened. No one has been arrested yet in the case, but police say they have good witness notes to follow.

Police spokesman Ole Osterling says that there are people who have made observations, either monitoring the entire course of events or parts of it. express.

Expressen: Live with threats

Einár or Nils Kurt Erik Einár Grönberg has millions of plays on Spotify with many songs that have topped the charts. He also won awards at the Grammy Awards.

The 19-year-old, whose music belongs to the “gangster rap” genre, was born and raised in Stockholm. He has a Russian-Swedish father and a Swedish mother.

Many of Einár’s songs and music videos revolve around traditional rap themes such as weapons, drugs, and confrontations with the police.

– People may be afraid and think “What is this?” Some people think it’s just rap, but there’s something serious behind it all. Not that I stand with a gun and shoot people, but there are other 16-year-olds who do in our community, where we are and we are, Einar previously said in an interview with Aftonbladet.

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According to Expressen, the young rapper has been under threats for a long time.

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Swedish media wrote that the police had placed dogs trained to sniff out weapons and blood. Osterling says forensic technicians have made several discoveries at the site that may be useful for further investigation.

During the night, several pictures of the late artist spread on social media. Police generally say it is unfortunate that photos of a victim in a criminal case are shared.

NRK mentioned it earlier The death toll from the shootings in Sweden is the highest in five years.

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