Swedish Trade: Sanceri, Bubbles and Chapley are getting more expensive

Swedish Trade: Sanceri, Bubbles and Chapley are getting more expensive

Harryhandel in Sweden may not be as cheap as it used to be. From September 1, shopping at Systembolaget will be even more expensive.

On average, the price increase will be closer to 2 percent, but for some drinks the prices can be much higher, Dagens industri writes.

Spendrups Bryggeri’s press officer Rose Marie Hertzmann says only a pot of beer is expected to be more expensive a kroner.

Assuming that the price of a pitcher of beer costs around 14 SEK today, a 1 kr increase in price corresponds to more than 7 percent.

Increased costs of raw materials and transportation

Last February, brewing giant Heineken announced that beer prices would rise due to increased raw material and transportation costs. Then came the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and prices rose even more.

Carlsberg also announces price increases for its products. They justify price increases with historical cost increases combined with rising inflation.

Accelerated cost increases affect all production and distribution costs of the Swedish company Carlsberg. In general, this means that our prices will be affected, the brewery group wrote.

..also for wine producers

The price of wine can also be increased. In addition to the rising cost of raw materials and transportation costs, the increasingly weak Swedish krona is causing prices to rise significantly.

– We were hit hard by the Swedish krona, which has drastically affected prices, says the CEO of Vingruppen, which represents five Swedish wine importers.

“Some of the prices were raised on March 1, but many will be raised from September 1, otherwise I’d be surprised,” she adds.

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Another factor that can affect the price of wine is poor grape harvest.

“There was a shortage of grapes from Central Europe, for example, which meant Sancerre, Chablis and Champagne became more expensive.”

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