Sylvi Listhaug, Tonje Brenna | – Now has become a fly paper that people get stuck in

Sylvi Listhaug, Tonje Brenna |  – Now has become a fly paper that people get stuck in

In April, Brenna announced a tough agenda to get more young people into work and fewer people on Social Security.

– Everyone who can now must work. The era of misunderstood compassion is over, Brenna said.

But now the opposition parties are complaining that they are missing any concrete proposals, writes Aftenposten.

– Now should be a trampoline that people jump on. Instead, Now has become a flypaper where many are stuck and unable to move forward, Frp leader Sylvie Listag tells the newspaper.

The FRP leader believes that Norway cannot continue the spending spree without affecting the welfare model.

– There is no reason to believe that people in Norway are more ill than our neighbors. There must be something wrong with our system, she says.

He points out that people will lose income if they start working on public transfers, as they will lose free nursery places and housing allowance.

– He says it should be the rule that people should come to work and not live in public transit for the rest of their lives.

Brenna replied that another 150,000 people were employed under the Storr government.

– But many, especially young people and immigrants, are still out of the workforce. We shouldn't think that being kind doesn't mean making demands. Brenna says we built this country by making demands and standing up for each other.

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