Syndrome: A mysterious disease is achieved

Syndrome: A mysterious disease is achieved

No one knows exactly what causes the many and far-reaching symptoms, but one thing is for sure:

American officials around the world have become ill for inexplicable reasons.

It started in 2016 at the US Embassy in Havana, Cuba. Since then, more than 200 US officials have served In China, Russia, Austria and the United States, among other countries, she was diagnosed with the so-called Havana syndrome.

Now the police in the German capital have also opened an investigation after several employees of the US Embassy in Berlin fell ill. BBC reports.

mysterious: Chinese authorities have released a video captured from its Zhurong space probe. The images are from the landing and in this clip we can also hear some mysterious sounds from the planet. Reporter: Maja Walberg Cliff. Video: AP

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“alleged attack”

The BBC wrote that the investigation in Germany has been ongoing since August.

Berlin police said in a statement they were investigating the case as an “alleged attack”, and wrote that they were investigating whether a “sonic weapon” had been used.

Vocal sound is a high-frequency sound, and one of the main theories has always been that Havana syndrome can be caused by vocal attacks. Another major theory is that The syndrome can be caused by targeted microwaves.

Some patients have been diagnosed with brain injuries. Others have reported hearing loss, dizziness, trouble sleeping, headaches, and cognitive impairment.

On Friday, US President Joe Biden promised – again – that US authorities will get to the bottom of the puzzle, according to the BBC.

The answer was found: Scientists think they’ve answered the mystery of why the Golden Gate Bridge suddenly started making strange sounds. Video: News Reporter: Vigard Krueger
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The head of the CIA has been removed

Most cases of Havana syndrome are recorded in Vienna, which for years has been a known hunt for intelligence officers of many countries.

The city houses, among other things, the headquarters of many United Nations organizations, as well as many international organizations that have information of interest to a number of countries.

in the United States of America The head of Austria’s CIA was removed from his post at the end of September for not responding strongly enough after several cases of Havana syndrome in Vienna.

About half of the 200 people who believe they have developed Havana syndrome are CIA officers or family members of CIA officers.

Which is why CIA Director William Burns suggested that Russia might be behind it. Burns has not proven his claims, and Russia stubbornly claims that it did not stand behind them.

Unexplained sounds: Researchers have been studying radio signals from space for several years, but haven’t been able to fully understand their source. Video: CNN
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Professor: – Very simple

Professor Emeritus Jens Martin Hoffem at NTNU, an expert in sound and acoustics, previously said Dagbladet That if the damage is caused by high-frequency sound, it can simply be transmitted from an ordinary speaker.

– The sound can come from a speaker that can be up to several square meters in size and operate at a very high frequency. This is a design issue, not a focus.

According to Hovem, it is not particularly difficult to direct sound to a single person or building. It comes down to the design of the speaker.

Think of a radar antenna: a circular disk with a ceramic tile mosaic, but instead of sending out electromagnetic radiation, it causes the mosaic to oscillate at any high frequency you want, says Hovim.

He has no doubt that one can be affected by sound – all kinds of sounds.

Sound affects all life in one way or another, such as noise that annoys people, or through communication over long distances. The fact that one cannot hear the sound does not necessarily mean that the sound does not exist. In all cases, sound is a mechanical vibration, and high-frequency sound can be harmful.

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