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Trygve Slagsvold Vedum og Hadja Tajik i samtaler hos Jonas Gahr Støre på Vinderen.

Viji: Tajik has acquired tax-free passenger homes with unused leases

According to the current Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Hadia Tajik V.G. After being sent to the Prime Minister’s Office (SMK) for lease of a house he does not live in Rogaland, to a tax-free traveler’s house.

Tajik was a law student who lived in a dormitory when he was brought in in 2006 as a political adviser to Bjarne Håkon Hanssen.

At the time, he was registered at his parents’ home in Rockland. According to Vijay, Tajik first applied for passenger housing and was told he had not paid for housing in his hometown.

Therefore, the newspaper writes that he was told to pay taxes on the travel home. Six days later, according to VG, she should have submitted a new application.

During this time, he wrote that he had expenses related to the house in his hometown, and that he had incorporated the lease he had signed with his parents’ former neighbors, the newspaper said.

Thus, Tajiks avoided taxing travelers’ homes. But the residence in Rockland confirms to VG that she will never live there. However, she claims that her parents’ house had household expenses but did not submit documents about it to the newspaper.

– Tajik tells Vijay today that it is not possible to go back to what I thought on the fifth or eleventh of December 2006.

At one point, in the population register, Tajik is said to have changed his address to the apartment in the contract.

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Viji has been asked to inquire with the population register when he changed the address of the apartment in the Tajik contract, whether it was before or after he was informed that the passenger’s house should be taxed. Tajik did not want to explain this to Vijay.

– I was very bad at using the commuter housing scheme you suggest. For the past 12 years, I have been paying for housing in Oslo myself – and over the years I have also been paying for my own housing in Rogaland. Tajik tells Vijay that it is a sure thing that I was paid for myself at home with a better salary than my parents.

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