Tajiks should answer questions about passenger case – VG

Tajiks should answer questions about passenger case - VG
Commercial Housing Available: Hadia Tajik (Labor) was first a political adviser from December 2006 to the fall of 2009 and then a Member of Parliament for nine months until the summer of 2010.

Hadia Tajik (Labor) has not yet answered further questions about the expenses she made with her parents when she arrived at her first travel home. Conservative Henrik Asheim says Tajik should show as much openness as possible.

– It is important that the Minister of Labor and Social Involvement contribute to shedding light on this issue in the best possible way. I think they and the public will benefit from making Hadia Tajik as open as possible and answering these questions, ”says Henrik Asheim.

He has been nominated for the post of Labor and Social Policy Spokesman and First Vice President of the Conservative Party.

Tajik: Will be in charge

On Wednesday, Tajik announced he was doing just that Pay taxes For the value of commuter housing he held from 2006 to 2010. The promise to pay taxes comes after that Sunday VG How Tajik got the tax-free commuter house in 2006, which he did not use as a document for housing expenses after the lease was granted.

Instead, Tajik claims to have had household expenses with his parents while living in Rogaland. So, she believes she has the right to tax-free commuter housing – but since she cannot document the expenses, she has to pay tax for that period.

“I have always wanted to be responsible for my political work,” he said. When I can’t meet my own needs, I like to clean it up. So I pay extra tax for the years 2006-2010. Tajik writes on Facebook.

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Questions not answered

Friday Tajik has been answering a question asked by Viji since January 11: Later, she investigated when she reported in the census that she was moving into a basement apartment that she had never occupied.

It showed that she did this For She received a letter from the Prime Minister’s Office asking her to tax commuter housing if she did not have household expenses.

But Tajik still does not answer questions about the housing expenses his parents had. These make Tajik even more convinced that she is eligible for tax-free travel homes – even though she now claims to be paying taxes.

Earlier, Viji had asked her parents to estimate how much she should give.

– I do not remember, when I did not do so, I would not come to the conclusion that I can not guarantee to be accurate. I wish I had all the receipts for that time in a showbox under my bed today. But unfortunately I do not have it, Tajik said last Sunday.

These are the questions

Viji has been asking Tajik parents a number of questions about household expenses since the case was first released last Sunday. Similar questions have been asked many times:

  • After this became a case, did you make any new attempts to get to the bottom of it? If so, how?
  • Have you explored whether your bank or your parents’ bank can hold any documents?
  • Did you contact your parents to find out if they remember anything about this?
  • Do you remember anything more about the expenses you made for your parents?
  • How was it paid? Money, bank account transactions, gifts, anything else?
  • How many times was it paid? Weekly, monthly, yearly? Random intervals? Only when at home?
  • What kind of costs is that? Rent, housing contribution, groceries? Municipal fees or other fixed fees? More of these?
  • Are you still unable to estimate the amount you paid for an average of a few hundred rupees or several thousand rupees a month?
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On Friday afternoon, Tajik responded in an email in which VG again mentioned these questions:

– No, unfortunately I can not document anything about it.

The questions were not primarily about the documents, but Viji reiterated to her adviser on Friday night that she remembered. They were not answered.

Requests Answer: Conservative Henrik Asheim encourages Hadia Tajik to answer VG’s questions. Here with Conservative leader Erna Solberg.

Further Red and left Tajik has been asked to answer a number of questions about housing costs for parents. Labor leader Jonas Kar Store made the following remarks on Wednesday morning:

– My opinion is that she answers the questions she asks. She has done just that.

Tajik is in the past When he became a political adviser in 2006, he said he wanted to contribute to their finances because his income was better than his parents’.

– I do not remember that we wrote a contract in writing, probably because in the family you rarely need it, said Tajik Vijay.

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