Take a break: – Bad decision

Take a break: – Bad decision

The American band “Fallout boy” have been together since 2001. On Wednesday they released the happy news that they will be coming out with a new album again – their first in five years.

On the same day that the group was able to tell their fans the good news, there was also news that wasn’t so pleasant.

The band’s guitarist, Joe Truman, 38, shared a longer text on Instagram that he was taking a break from working – and therefore also a break from the band.

“Without divulging all the details, I must reveal that my mental health has deteriorated rapidly in recent years. Therefore, in order to avoid disappearing and never to return, I am going to take a break from work, which also unfortunately includes stepping out of ‘Fallout boy’ for a while,” As he wrote on Instagram.

The guitarist leans in to stop the stage storm. Video: Greg Valentine/YouTube. Correspondent: Magnus Pauss
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In the post, Trohman emphasized that he’d rather take a break now than burn out.

“It’s a painful decision,” he further wrote, before adding that he will definitely return to the band at some point.

It’s been 22 years since the band, which consists of Patrick Stump (38), Pete Wentz (43), Joe Trohman and Andy Hurley (42), first saw the light of day, and they’ve since released several albums.

Admittedly, the band had a hiatus between 2009 and 2013, but they later stated that the band never disbanded.

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