November 30, 2022


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Take safety seriously: speak Norwegian!

Take safety seriously: speak Norwegian!

Why isn’t the security procedure read in Norwegian on a Norwegian airline where most of the passengers are Norwegian?

“There are many older people who travel by plane, and not all of them are equally fluent in English,” writes Arild Hell.
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Read The Norwegian’s response below.

We flew together Norway Tuesday 27 September Alicante to Bergen. Norwegian says they have a strong focus on defense. The cabin crew says over the public address system that everyone should pay close attention as they review the safety procedure before “takeoff,” and that’s fine.

However, I react to the fact that the safety procedures are only read in English and not in Norwegian. Although Norwegians are generally good at English, there are many elderly people who travel by air, and not all of them are equally fluent in English. Additionally, some people are hard of hearing, and it doesn’t make it any better for something as important as a safety procedure not to be reviewed in Norway.

I mentioned this For a good flight attendant. She completely agreed with me and said it was something that had been brought up several times through the union.

Can Norwegian answer why the security procedure is not read in Norwegian on a Norwegian airline where most of the passengers are Norwegian?

Does it take passenger safety seriously?

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Norwegian Answers: – Sometimes it’s just English

Norwegian is a Norwegian airline headquartered in Norway, and we have a wide variety of nationalities working here, and customers from all over Europe. Usually we use one in Scandinavian languages ​​and English, but sometimes it’s only in English because there are colleagues with a different mother tongue than in Scandinavian countries.

We always comply with EASA’s regulations regarding the content of information in safety messages. Safety is always a priority and our cabin crew are on hand to best support and assist passengers throughout the journey.

Eline Hyggen Skari is a communications consultant in Norway