February 3, 2023


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Takes action after high infection rates

Takes action after high infection rates

Christiania University College is taking action after the high infection rates we have seen recently.

As of Friday, 2,970 new cases had been reported, compared to 4,575 the previous day. This is the highest number ever, but may be explained in the previous day’s low post.

Christiania University College now chooses to convert written school exams into digital home exams for the rest of the semester.

Pro-Rector Sander Swary confirmed this to Dagbladet.

– Are you taking action due to infection?

– Yes, it certainly is. “We have always worked closely with emergencies in the event of an outbreak,” Deputy Rector Swarovski told Plate.

Has implemented the contingency plan

The college has a contingency committee that is constantly working to follow new recommendations and rules, he says.

– Regarding teaching, if we have to switch to digital teaching this fall, we are ready, but we want most people to be on campus. We have achieved this for most people.

When it comes to exams, he says most of the exams were already converted into home exams in the program that left college this spring.

– Students were told that homework would be available in most subjects. A few, four per cent, of the number of students who took the exam, said there were major leaders who considered the school to be of great benefit. If there is no severe infection, this should be done. However, they also had to do a home test if they wanted to get new wave of infection during the exam period.

Variation: Frod Foreland, director of the FHI, says the new corona virus variant in South Africa may be a cause for concern. Video: Vegard Krüger. Reporter: Johannes Fiegeld.
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There was “Plan A” to complete the school exam and “Plan B” was created as an alternative to the home exam.

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– It was bright and hopeful starting this fall. But now we see that the infection rate is very high, we have implemented a contingency plan and are turning the rest of the written exams this year into home exams, says Swary.

He reminds us that there are some lesson areas with practical or oral exams where there are more opportunities to implement infection control measures that will not be affected by this.

– We follow

At the University of Oslo, about 15 percent are school exams with supervision, while 85 percent are other exam forms such as home exams and semester assignments.

– We follow up on the situation, liaise with the Oslo Municipality, and liaise with national and local councils and recommendations, said Hannah Eckley, director of research, in an email to Dagbladet.

Lots of people: More than 1,000 students took part in a private exam in Lillestrom on Wednesday morning. Photo / Video: Private / NTB / Google
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He says that when the autumn exam period was planned, the UiO took into account an uncertain infection situation and retained the infection control measures they had during the outbreaks in the exam rooms in Silverway.

– Among other things, only half the seats in the halls are used. Therefore there should always be a gap of at least one meter between the applicants during the examination.

Execute as planned

– We have more infection control measures implemented on our premises, including hand alcohol and extra good hygiene. Mouthpieces will also be available on campus, says Silje Pringsrut Fekzer, deputy rector at Oslo MET du Dagbladet.

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As of today, the school has no plans for further action, but they are closely following the development and will always follow the recommendations and orders of the authorities, he says.

– We are currently planning to complete the examination as planned, if we do not have any other guidelines from the authorities, he adds:

– In our examination rooms in Silverway, there is a minimum distance of 1.5 meters between the examination desks, hand liquor is available and students do not have to stand in line on the way to the examination room, we have given permission in advance.