talk, opinions | There should be a place for everyone, including drug addicts

talk, opinions |  There should be a place for everyone, including drug addicts

We have to have a good alternative before we can close hospice.

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This week, Bergen City Council will take an important step toward closing city shelters. The offer of temporary housing in Nyhavnsveien 10 has created a huge commitment, and now we can finally provide a good place to live for drug addicts in the city.

We understand that children and adults alike can feel intimidated when new unknown neighbors arrive in the vicinity. Strangers who are unlike anyone else, drunk, and who may have struggled to find a place to live in the past.

However, we can say that these populations individually are similar to all of us. They have challenges, but they also have hopes and dreams.

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Some of them can be moved on the street without thinking about it, while others may face more obvious challenges.

It is not the case that everyone who uses temporary housing is called ROP patients as the “Neighbor Group” wrote in BA 19.10. It is important that we discuss housing for vulnerable groups without referring to an entire group of people as criminal, violent or exorbitant.

The hospices we have in the city today are not a good, safe home for those in need of temporary housing.

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But before we can close hospice homes, we count on having a good alternative. First a temporary solution in Nyhavnsveien, then a permanent solution in Møllendalsveien. Nyhavnsveien 10 will be rebuilt, and qualified staff will take care of the safety of both residents and neighbours. In periods, staffing can be adjusted upwards if there is a special need for it.

Nyhavnsveien 10 shall not be a treatment institution or a permanent home with associated follow-up services. Thus, the research that neighbors refer to will be more relevant when we design permanent homes with follow-up services. We are planning it in the housing program.

Fortunately, we have a special offer for drug addicts in Bergen, also when it comes to temporary housing. People who require a higher standard of care accommodation offer will still receive care in other healthcare or treatment offerings.

There has always been broad political agreement that all people in Bergen should have safe housing and good homes. Next week we can show that we deliver on what we promised.

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