Talked to Role and Lysboken – Viji

Talked to Role and Lysboken - Viji

Soon, the store closes its suitcase, makes its way to the PM’s residence, and throws Erna in the doorway. But the first important negotiations remain: – The store says more about the negotiations, rather than dividing us.


– Yes I have, the store answers questions about the role and whether he talked to Lisbon.

It was an influential party leader – now incumbent Prime Minister – who met VG on his way out of the door of his house in Rizal, Oslo.

He denied that he had spoken to the Red and Green Party (MDG) today.

– Everyone should take a quiet day with their parties and briefly say today, then we will find a relaxing time to sit down. This is the first round to talk about the election results and make the most exciting election results, says Store.

How are you going to get the Central Party (SP) to sit at the negotiating table with the Socialist Left Party (Sv)?

– It comes out a little more in conversations. We will start listening. I am eager to hear from all the parties that are forming this new majority. As for the Labor Party, it is clear that only the Social Democrats and the Socialist People’s Party can form the government, and now we have a majority, Store responds.

When he thinks that real negotiations for a new government may take place, the store responds:

– I don’t predict much, but it may be next weekend.

Regime change is common in mid-October, but he insists he is not in a hurry and will use the time needed to reach an agreement.

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– What will be the main challenges in the negotiations?

– We’ll take it when we get there. There are challenges when different parties have to find solutions, but there is more to uniting us than dividing us, and that is what we need to highlight, the store responds.

He cites climate change as one of the biggest changes the new government will have to accept.
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To the store this seemed at first hopeful The results were known Monday night. In the end, the party ended up the largest with 26.3 percent.

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Thus Storey was able to deliver his long-awaited victory speech at the Labor (Labor Party) election awareness event just before midnight. Since then, he has received congratulatory messages from everyone from former Prime Minister and Labor leader Jens Stoltenberg to Hillary Clinton.

– What did you do when you got home yesterday?

– Then I hugged my wife well and then went to bed. But that’s nothing else, the store responds to the press on Tuesday.

Already on election night Viji announced The Labor Party was ready for a contest to form a government. We know this:

  • As of Tuesday: The Labor Party will begin studies between parties suitable for a government. Polls are over when the parties see that there is a basis for starting negotiations.
  • Next week from Wednesday: Then the intensification begins, i.e. the negotiations end on the government platform according to plan.
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We also know that at 2pm today, Store will meet with the Central Committee of the Labor Party. The Labor Party can accept at this meeting the beginning of these negotiations.

The majority government led by the Labor Party, the Socialist People’s Party and the Socialist People’s Party has a good chance, often referred to as Store’s dream government. But the Labor leader first promised to negotiate with all parties on the left:

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