– Tall and surprisingly heavy

– Tall and surprisingly heavy

Oskar Westerlin was shocked by the artist's world-class build.

No, there's no new collaboration in the works (thank goodness?). These are Sam Smith and Oskar Westerlin, who train together at Sumeru. Photo: Private

Pop star Sam Smith played at Stavern Festival on Wednesday night, and held a practice session at Sumeru in Oslo on Thursday.

There Sam Smith met Oscar Westerlin – or vice versa. Anyway, the interesting star duo, which you could not have imagined in advance, found the tone and challenged each other “in the gym”.

Is the joint afternoon session

The 33-year-old Briton, who uses 'they' as his preferred pronoun, stayed at Sumeru last night and joined in when Westerlin held a training session.

“Sam has been on a quick comeback since he's been in town,” Westerlin says.

However, there was no time for a long session.

“It was too short,” says Westerlin, explaining that the star had to move on.

However, Westerlin did manage to score one thing.

Smith was surprisingly tall and heavy, says Westerlin, who summed up the artist's physique as “well-built.”

“One more”: Oskar Westerlin pushes Sam Smith during a back session at Vestkantbadet Gym. Photo: Private

In his Instagram story, Westerlin wrote that the artist “dropped” a relatively respectable 250 pounds in a pull-up. That made the well-trained influencer look like a toddler compared to Smith in some exercises.

“Sam was stronger in the pull-ups and rows, but I took him in the pull-ups,” Westerlin says after the back session.

I didn't want to be “too crazy.”

The artist is in the middle of a busy summer concert and festival and is now on his way to Poland, where the Brit will play in Gdynia on Friday evening.

Westerlin explains that there wasn't much conversation between the two, partly because he didn't want to come across as a boring fan.

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“There was mostly talk about training actually. But Sam seemed like a warm, kind guy,” the influencer says.

Meeting distinguished artists

Oscar Westerlin has also tried his hand as an artist, but so far he has received slightly fewer streams than English Smith. According to Westerlin, there was no time for professional discussions between colleagues in the industry.

– Haha, no, we have to do that next time.

– So Smith leaves the country without hearing any of your country's problems?

“Yes, I think it's better this way,” Westerlin notes.

There was drama when Westerlin couldn't breathe during the final recording of “Gutta”:

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