– Taller than a ten-storey building – E24

– Taller than a ten-storey building – E24

The most powerful ship of its kind in the world will sail between China and Brazil.

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Shipping company Berge Bulk has unveiled the “Berge Olympus” – the world’s most powerful sailing cargo ship, according to the company.

The ship is equipped with four modified “BARTech” sails. WindWings”, with the aim of saving fuel for the ship and reducing emissions.

– The sails are higher than a ten-storey building, and the deck area is three times larger than that of an A380, a press release said.

It is 20 meters wide and 37.5 meters high, with a total surface area of ​​3,000 square metres.

The Berg Olympus will sail between Brazil and China, a trade route known for favorable wind conditions.

Wind-assisted propulsion has the potential to provide immediate, long-term solutions for shipping’s path to net zero, says Thomas Koniordos, CEO of Yara Marine Technologies, in the press release.

More will be installed

By installing four WindWings, Berge Olympus will save six tons of fuel per day on an average global route, according to the company, and in the process will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by about 19.5 tons per day.

With these fuel savings and CO2 reductions, Berge Bulk is evaluating the possibility of installing the same sails on several of its vessels operating on routes with favorable wind conditions, the press release said.

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Berge Bulk is one of the largest independent owners of dry bulk vessels in the world.

-I think there is more to do

WindWings technology follows the industry’s desire and goal to significantly reduce emissions in international shipping by 2030 and 2050, which is reflected in the new IMO regulations.IMO regulations.The International Maritime Organization (IMO) is a special organization of the United Nations, founded in 1948. The IMO deals with technical and maritime issues related to international shipping, and in recent years has been particularly concerned with pollution at sea. The International Maritime Organization has 174 member states. Source: SNL.no.

BAR Technologies developed the sails in collaboration with Yara Marine Technologies.

-We are very proud to be at the forefront of wind-assisted propulsion. We cannot stand still when it comes to developing sustainable solutions for the shipping industry. We believe there is a lot to be done when it comes to harnessing wind power and pushing shipping into a greener, more efficient era, says John Cooper, CEO of BAR Technologies, in the press release.

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