Tammy Slaton: Unrecognizable in the new photos

Tammy Slaton: Unrecognizable in the new photos

Norwegian TV viewers have been able to closely follow Tammy Slaton (36)’s weight loss journey. When she first participated in the reality series “1000 lb Sisters”, she weighed 311 kg.

The comments section is boiling

The comments section is boiling

In the fourth season of the series, Tammy again tries to change her health. This is in hopes that she will be approved as a candidate for bariatric surgery, which her sister Amy Slaton, 35, is having.

In order to have the operation, she had to lose from 325 kg to 249 kg. Brilliantly done.

– When I got up on the scale and saw that the scale had landed at 242kg, I kind of stopped breathing for a second, I proudly shared in a previous episode.

After extreme weight loss, the TLC profiler has now shared new photos of herself on Instagram, where she was photographed for the first time without an oxygen tube.

The reality star wrote, “Six beautiful pictures of myself without a filter,” to cheers from her followers.

“You look amazing. Congratulations, all the hard work is showing. You glow from the inside out. Keep doing what you’re doing, Jamal,” one commented, according to Page six.

Stolen: - What a piece of nonsense

Stolen: – What a piece of nonsense

“I like you so much better without a filter! You look so much more beautiful,” writes another.

Slaton’s weight loss began in earnest when she was admitted to rehab to get her weight under control.

Dramatically: “1000 lb Sisters” is back for its fourth season. Amy Slaton and Tammy Slaton take viewers on the slimming process. Video: TLF/Red Runner
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At the center she met what would become her future husband, Caleb Willingham. It was also where the couple gave each other a yes.

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Our wedding day was perfect and there was so much love in the air. After the wedding, Slaton said, “I married my best friend.”

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