Tarp Airport, Ridge Airport | The tax proposals could lead to the closure of Tarp Airport

Tarp Airport, Ridge Airport |  The tax proposals could lead to the closure of Tarp Airport

– If this turns out to be true, I don’t see any possibility of continuing to operate the airport. “We are completely dependent on that income,” says Giesle Scanson, managing director of Tarp Sandefjords Blad.

– Avinor has Gardermoen as the engine, which, through its duty-free sales, subsidizes many airports that otherwise would have made thunderous losses, Skansen tells the newspaper.

To describe how the airport depends on the tax-free program, he pointed out that already in the state budget for 2023 it is proposed to halve the tobacco quota, which alone would result in a loss of NOK 10 million for the private airport.

Torp Sandefjord Airport is a non-governmental airport. This means that they do not receive government support as Avinor’s airports write Daily newspaper.

Therefore, Skansen believes that the tax committee’s proposal will have a negative impact on many non-government airports.

– We will lose a significant portion of income and it will be difficult to compensate these, he tells Talkbladet.

Travel Retail Norway, which owns and operates duty-free stores at Avinor airports in Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger, Trondheim and Kristiansand, believes the plan is dramatic.

– It will destroy more than 2,000 jobs and ensure that Norwegians buy abroad instead of buying in Norway. It’s an incredibly ill-conceived project, communications manager Haakon Dagestad told the newspaper.

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