TASS: – Russia proposes to North Korea

TASS: - Russia proposes to North Korea

We very much appreciate the support provided by the North Korean government and what it is providing for the Russian special military operation in Ukraine and the integration of the four new regions in Russia.

This came, according to what was reported by the official news agency on the head of the Asia Department of the Russian Foreign Ministry Georgy Zinoviev. tast.

The press release and Zinoviev’s statements come in connection with Russia’s celebration of the 74th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries.

The head of the department at the same time declared that Russia is interested in expanding cooperation with North Korea:

We affirm our interest in expanding cooperation between the two countries to ensure peace and security on the Korean Peninsula. Zinoviev says that I am convinced that the successful implementation of our joint plans will be beneficial to both the Russian and North Korean peoples.

He points out that this cooperation will make it possible “to confront the challenges and threats from the forces that want to dominate the international sphere.”

Today we stand shoulder to shoulder in the struggle against the hegemonic ambitions of the West, led by the United States. The Russian and Korean peoples depend on the strong traditions of friendship, good-neighbourliness and cooperation between our two countries.

Refusal to export arms to Russia

In September, North Korea denied it had exported weapons to Russia, while saying that would never happen.

We have never exported weapons or munitions to Russia before, and we have no plans to start, a spokesperson for the North Korean Defense Ministry’s Equipment Department said in a statement published by the country’s official news agency on Thursday. .

North Korean arms exports to Russia were in violation of United Nations resolutions banning the country from importing and exporting arms.

However, the spokesperson emphasized in the statement that Pyongyang has never acknowledged what he calls illegal Security Council sanctions against the country, “prepared by the United States and its henchmen,” the NTB wrote.

The United States accused of waging biological warfare in Ukraine

North Korea, often described as a Russia-friendly dictatorship, came out this summer and accused the United States of waging biological warfare in Ukraine. This claim is the same that Russia made earlier in the spring.

The official news agency KCNA wrote, among other things, that the United States “set up many biological laboratories in dozens of countries and regions, including in Ukraine, ignoring international treaties.” The agency noted that Russia discovered this.

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In July, the country also recognized two separatist-ruled regions of Donetsk and Luhansk in Ukraine. This led the Ukrainian authorities to choose to cut diplomatic ties with the country.

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Washington and Kiev rejected the allegations, and UN disarmament coordinator Izumi Nakamitsu said the UN was not aware of any program to develop biological weapons in Ukraine.

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