June 8, 2023


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Tate Lidbom lifts the veil on the relationship

On Saturday, the stage was set for the gang’s final concert at “Kompani Lauritzen”, and on that occasion the participants gathered to celebrate at Byens Tak in Oslo.

Many celebrities have brought their better halves, among them Titi Lidbom (37). Lidbom made it to the reality competition final, but in the end had to see himself defeated by Grunde Myhrer (27).

– very painful for a very long time

There was still no detectable bad mood, on the contrary, he and his girlfriend, Kaya Walstad Grönland, seemed very happy.

Dagbladet took the opportunity to have a chat with the couple, who could reveal several new plans going forward.

There were tears when the “Lauritzen Company” was announced as the winner. Video: Luna Lea / Red Runner. Correspondent: Bjorn Ecker/Dagbladet
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– It was always personal.

Lidbom and Groenland have been married for nearly nine years, and say they first met at a party.

– We met at an illegal delirium. It was a kind of delirium in the factory room in Trondheim that I “went for it” for the first time in my life, says the radio profile, and further elaborates:

– I went and talked to someone I liked. I had a friend there who was really excited for me to do this, because he knew I loved Kaia.

- It was my big childhood dream

– It was my big childhood dream

Gruenland also remembers that evening, but says she saw Lidbom many times before that.

– We’ve met once before, but Trondheim is a small town and you go to the same places with the same people somehow. I always knew who Tete was, because he was always a character. “Urban nose,” as they call it.

Liva Ingebrigtsen and Turab Awan say they have a good relationship today after a heated discussion on “Kompani Lauritzen”. Video: Luna Lea. Correspondent: Bjorn Ecker/Dagbladet
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honor his girlfriend

When it comes to the question of whether it is love at first sight, the couple is a bit uncertain.

No, then that’s the problem. Kaya thinks she has seen me before. I worked in many bars in Trondheim, so she saw me and realized who I was since I was standing behind the bar, and then I must have seen her too.

Nine years: Titi and Kaya have been a couple for nearly nine years.  Here from the final gig

Nine years: Titi and Kaya have been a couple for nearly nine years. Here’s from the finale, “Compagnie Lauritzen.” Photo: Andreas Fadum / Se og Hør
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– but I only remember the first time I noticed her, and then it was love at first sight – but then I obviously saw her before. It was love at first sight genuine Hints. Then she came limping after I offered her three or four beers, Leidbohm joked.

- I felt like the race was over

– I felt like the race was over

As they gradually got to know each other better, Greenland got a little surprise. Lidbom turns out to be a little different than she first thought.

– I thought it was kind of a little different than it actually is. He was somewhat difficult and outwardly tough, but the kindest, most caring, kind and attentive person in the world. So after the first conversation, maybe it was love for me too, yeah.

Dag Otto Lauritzen can reveal the changes for the upcoming season of “Kompani Lauritzen”. Video: Luna Lea / Red Runner. Correspondent: Bjorn Ecker/Dagbladet
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Renewal plans

Now the couple has just returned home from a three-week vacation trip to Colombia, so they’re rested and ready to tackle their next project.

– We have just become dog parents, so now we will continue to expand the family with our little French bulldog Bob, and we will also renew. These are the main plans going forward.

- I don't want children

– I don’t want children

Although it’s known that renovation is something that can be difficult for a couple, Lidbom and Grønland aren’t worried.

– We’ve done it before, and it went well, Gruenland confirms, before the friend explains:

Watch here: Titi Lidbom got a paint pan in the head during the “24-Star Christmas Calendar” and needed medical treatment. Video: NRK/Red Runner.
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– We completely renovated an apartment and we are still together. We’ve been far and high during that time. Renewing is probably the best thing you can do if you are not sure if you want to be with your partner for the rest of your life, because when you do renew you will find out anyway.

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