Tax Slab Got – Secured

Tax Slab Got - Secured

SV Vice President Torgeir Knag Fylkesnes received the largest known tax claim among representatives of the Storting, who benefited from free passenger accommodation.

reported on Sunday VG His bill comes to NOK 477,000.

Dagbladet asked all of the party’s 11 district leaders whether such a case would affect whether they should become leader.

Filkesnes is one of three hot candidates to take over as party leader when Audun Lisboken steps down in March. Filgesnes has yet to comment on whether he is currently the leader.

All three county leaders who wanted to comment on the matter defended Filgesnes.

– Unfair

Among other things, both believe that Tromsøværing can become the leader in the north.

– I don’t think it will affect the leadership position. Such a case would not be decisive, says Bjarne Rohde. He is from Tromsø, as is Filkesnes.

– This applies to the fact that the parliamentary representatives have done a lot to ensure that everything went well. It is unfair to use this case against them, says Ashild Pettersson, SV’s district head in Nordland.

He believes the tax scandal boils down to disagreements between the Storting and the tax agency. He says no politician is trying to avoid tax.

million increase

Fylkesnes received NOK 1,026,644 in increased income in the years 2017-2020, according to VG, thanks to free commuter housing. The increase is due to four years of market value being included in the calculation.

While he lived in free boarding houses in Oslo, Filkesnes rented an apartment in Oslo and parts of his house in Tromsø.

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– The tax claim is partly due to the letting of an apartment in Tromsø, Fylkesnes told VG on Sunday.

A total of 38 current and former politicians have received tax claims. The cases led to the resignation of several high-ranking officials.

Only eight of the politicians in the Storting have so far opened up about the amount and reason for the tax demand.

– would be surprised

The county manager of Westfold and Telemark SV also does not think that the taxation matter will be decided.

– I’d be surprised if it had any effect. We need a capable leader and we have many good candidates, says Great Wold.

SV did not want to comment on this. The district councils did not respond to Dagbladet’s inquiries.

During the day, districts lead tough negotiations with the government over next year’s state budget.

Silence on nomination

Vice President Kirsty Bergstow and Finance Spokesperson Kari Elizabeth Caskey are also favorites for the leadership position.

Nordland chairman Ashilt Petersen points to Bergstowe.

Socialist Youth and the leaders of Oslo SV and Innlandet SV have pointed to Kaski as their favorite. Bergstow said it was a pleasure to point out.

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