November 28, 2022


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Taylor Lautner: - Married with the same name

Taylor Lautner: – Married with the same name

the actor Taylor Lautner (30) World famous for his role as werewolf boy Jacob Black in “Twilight”. Now, however, he will share his famous name with girlfriend Taylor Dome (24).

Exactly one year ago, precisely on November 13, 2021, the actor got down on one knee and proposed to his chosen nurse, Taylor Dome (24). The duo have been married for four years.

Mr. and Mrs. Taylor Lautner

Last Friday, they got married in California — exactly one year after they got married. The wedding took place at a vineyard in California, he said People.

However, it wasn’t the ceremony itself that caught fans’ attention, but the practicalities surrounding the wedding.

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Many wondered what would happen when the couple got married. This is on the grounds that they are both called Taylor and that they will be named just as they are now that Dom has taken the actor’s last name.

Many fans have speculated that Dom might drop the “Twilight” actor’s last name. However, the speculation was dismissed when the same actor said they would go by the name Lautner.

He did it during a visit to “The Kelly Clarkson Show”.

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– I said, “Do you like the last name? Because we already share one name, so it gets really complicated. We’ll literally be the same person,” the actor told Clarkson.

The 30-year-old added that many people already use “boy tai” or “girl tai” when addressing spouses to avoid confusion.

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Fans have since taken to the comments section to point out how annoying it is to have two Taylor Lautner under one roof, especially when it comes to mailing or filling out forms.

However, actress Keke Palmer (29) seemed excited that the couple would be dating Mr. & Mrs. Taylor Lautner. She took to Twitter to comment on Pop Base’s post about her last name status.

Palmer wrote that she was obsessed with the couple’s naming status.

The Twitter post received a number of comments from followers. “I would have stolen Shark Boy’s ID too if I could,” one wrote, while another commented: “This is the best thing that could have happened.”

Swear by little sister

The duo was introduced to each other by the actor’s sister, Makena Lautner. The latter met Dom at a church in Nashville, and immediately thought Nurse was a match for his brother.

Taylor Lautner previously spoke about meeting Dome to People:

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– She called me and said: I found your future wife. You should meet this girl.” And the rest is history.