Teddy Mellenkamp: – Hits:

Teddy Mellenkamp: - Hits:

sMore and more celebrities are resisting the pressure of the body on social media and instead encouraging people to praise their natural body. Sandra Laing (35) Share an honest picture of himself and Ashley Graham (34) Proudly displays the mother’s postpartum body.

since the previous The Real Housewives of Beverly HillsStar Teddi Mellencamp (40) appeared on this year’s MTV Movie and TV glamor in a pink mini dress. However, it wasn’t long before negative comments about clothes and appearance came in response.

Hagel criticism: The reality file was pitted against this dress after the MTV Movie &  TV Awards.  Photo: Aimee Sussman/AFP/NTB

Criticism: The reality file was pitted against this dress after the MTV Movie & TV Awards. Photo: Aimee Sussman/AFP/NTB
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The criticism was that Mellencamp could not wear such a dress because of cellulite.

e! newsletter Among the media that covered the case.

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– I’m pround of it

The 40-year-old quickly took issue with the criticism and shared a photo Instagram Where, in the pink dress, she simply turned her back (and her backside) to the comments. Along with the photo I wrote the following:

“To anyone who texted me that I shouldn’t have worn this dress to the MTV Awards because you could see my cellulite. Guess what?! I’m proud of it and almost everyone has it.”

Furthermore, she encouraged:

“Let’s normalize reality. I work hard for my mental and physical body to feel comfortable.”

Hundreds of fans showed their support through comments on the Instagram post.

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