Teenagers in Boat Drama:- Everyone panicked

Teenagers in Boat Drama:- Everyone panicked

Boat fire: On Friday evening, police received a report of a boat fire in Ålesund. Photo: Synnøve Åsebø / VG

Three 16-year-old boys were enjoying the good weather in Ålesund with barbecues, swimming and boat trips until the boat caught fire.

At 18.10 the police reported a boat on fire outside Ålesund.

On the boat were 16-year-olds Cornelia, Pernille and Diana. On Friday, they wanted to enjoy the warmer temperatures in Ålesund by boat.

They went to an island outside the town. They enjoyed bathing and barbecuing there.

But they weren't done with the evening and decided to bring the boat and dock at one of the Kiwi shops in town.

– I own the boat and sit in the driver's seat in front of the engine. There was a strange noise so I asked if we really wanted to land, but it stopped, so we decided to head towards the shop, says Cornelia (16).

But then it developed:

– I noticed that it was very hot, so I turned around. Then I saw a lot of smoke. Everyone on the boat panics, she continues.

She tried to stop the boat, but to no avail. A girl tried to jump from the boat while it was moving, but they managed to stop her.

He then sees the flames on the boat and takes action.

– I took the phone in my jumper and jumped into the water, says Bernil (16).

So is her friend Cornelia.

– I jumped with the phone, I also straightened the phone with my hand. I tried to call dad twice but he didn't answer and finally hung up, she says.

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She was the last to jump off the boat.

– The boat caught fire so fast that when we looked back the whole boat was on fire.

– It sank in quickly, Pernille says.

– All our goods were burnt. Cornelia says, among other things, an iPod, a Polaroid camera and a speaker.

Photo: Synnøve Åsebø / VG

Also, many of their phones have been damaged due to prolonged exposure to water.

– It went smoothly, we went to the beach and went shopping. It didn't end like that, says Diana (17).

But even if they lose things, life remains the same for them. Another boat with two 14-year-olds was carrying the girls, police said at the time of the incident.

We drove up and asked what happened. They said the engine exploded, says a 14-year-old boy Sunnmørsposten.

The girls were taken to shore where they were examined by paramedics. Fortunately, they go well with them.

Pernille's mother tells VG that the incident left a mark.

– I'm still in shock. It went well, said one of the rescuers. Thanks, she says.

– Will your daughter be allowed to sail again?

– Definitely not. But I don't think she wanted to at first, she says.

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