Tek indicator drops sharply | finansavisin

Tek indicator drops sharply |  finansavisin

In the middle of today’s trading period, all indicators appear in red. The Dow Jones fell 0.1 percent to 34893.75, the Standard & Poor’s 500 fell 0.5 percent to 4558.36, and the Nasdaq fell 1.6 percent to 14304.53.

The ten-year interest rate rose 0.137 percentage points to 2549 percent, and the VIX rose 7.2 percent to 19.88.

At the time of writing, the price of Brent oil is up 0.1 percent to $107.65 a barrel. barrel, while West Texas Intermediate crude rose 0.1 percent to $103.41.

It’s big news on the New York Stock Exchange that Elon Musk, the head of Tesla, has bought a huge position in the social media company. Twitter.

The purchase is said to have amounted to approximately NOK 25 billion, making up more than 9 percent of the company’s shares. So Musk is the company’s largest shareholder, According to CNBC.

The stock rose nearly 30 percent after the news, and today it rose 2.5 percent to $51.18. Meglerhuset MKM Partners downgrades the company to hold after the news, and maintains a target price of $49 per company. Action, According to CNBC.

Dogecoin a cryptocurrency that the same man has spoken well of on previous occasions, is up nearly 20 percent at the time of writing.

encryption platform Queen Piece It fell 7.0 percent to $178.16, after the Mizuho brokerage lowered its rating, CNBC writes.

Financial data company FactSet has compiled a list of the most recommended companies listed on the US stock exchangeAccording to CNBC.

Among the list of companies that analysts recommend the most, we find, among other things AmazonAnd the the alphabet And the Microsoft. Up to 95 percent of all analyzes obtained by FactSet refer to corporate buying recommendations. The entire stock fell below trading today, 1.9 percent to $3,301.98, 1.3 percent to $2,821.59, and 0.9 percent to $312.29.

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UBS brokerage house indicates dead the parent company of Facebook as a buy-in candidate, According to CNBC. If the company taps into Instagram’s revenue potential, the stock should be able to defend the target price increase to $300 each. Action. The stock rose 0.1 percent to $234.12.

Brokerage house Wedbush lowers rating Starbucks to 109 bucks. The stock fell 4.2% to $84.39.

Chinese giant online Ali Baba It fell 5.3 percent to $111.27. In terms of accounting, the company can look solid, which has led investors like Charlie Munger to stockpile the company with both hands.

However, political conflicts created opportunities for the company to be delisted from the US stock market, which is reflected in the current share price; The company is down more than 60 percent since its peak in October.

JPMorgan believes there is an opportunity to improve relations between China and the United States, and advises investors to buy shares in the company if they are convinced.According to CNBC. The major bank also points to Tencent and JD.com as two other attractive Chinese stocks.

Other Chinese stocks that are moving are NIO. The electric car company is up nearly 70 percent from its lowest level in March until yesterday. Today, the stock is down 4.93 percent to $22.69.

On the other hand, the World Bank believes that the previous growth forecasts for China and Southeast Asia are over-optimistic, and is revising the estimate to 5 percent, from the previous 5.4 percent. According to Marketwatch.

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