Teknobombe: – Mercedes-Benz EQS ready to order

Teknobombe: – Mercedes-Benz EQS ready to order

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(Elbil24): The Mercedes-Benz EQS is the company’s new technology bomb. This is where you’ll find all the innovations, and now it’s nearing launch. As of August 17, the first forms can be ordered. In this regard, the importer has now released prices for the first two models, the EQS 450+ and the EQS 580 4Matic – the latter with two electric motors and all-wheel drive.

The EQS 450+ starts at 935,000 kroner, while the Brother 580 4Matic starts at 1,162,000 kroner.

“Both cars have been extraordinarily well equipped from the start, and we’ve incorporated some equipment typical of the Norwegian market into the price,” Mercedes-Benz Communications Director Udun Hermansen tells Elbil24 to Elbil24.

It is believed that you get a brilliantly cool car from 1.1 – 1.4 million kroner. However, it is known that typical customers of cars in this class do not turn the crown when buying a car, and it is not at all unusual to have additional equipment for 25-30 percent of the price of the car.

Well equipped

Air suspension is now standard on all models, and active lighting control – the car itself dazzles areas of the road where oncoming traffic comes in – is also standard.

The same is called all-wheel steering, since the angle of the rear wheels can be up to 4.5 degrees.

The EQS 450+ gets a screen package with a 12.8-inch screen in the center console, while the EQS 580 4 Matic gets the brand’s new Hyperscreen, where up to three screens are hidden behind a common glass surface, and gives the impression that the entire dashboard is a large screen. practically. Mercedes also lists adaptive cruise control, 360-degree camera, navigation and keyless start as other standard equipment.

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HYPERSCREEN: Several screens behind a common interface give the impression of a huge screen.  Photo: Daimler
Hyperscreen: Several screens behind a common interface give the impression of a huge screen. Photo: Daimler
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Big battery, small air resistance

Other specifications of the car have been known for some time, such as that the two-wheel drive version has a range of 780 kilometers, if you choose the largest battery pack of 107.8 kWh. The battery also has what’s called NMC811 chemistry, in which cobalt drops to 10 percent. When the battery is recharged, it uses a 400-volt architecture that supports fast charging up to 200 kW and has a 22 kW internal charger for typical home charging.

We must now add that the least number of households in Norway are able to provide 22 kW to charge an electric car.

Doing consumption tests in the EQS will be very exciting, as air resistance is an electric car’s worst enemy. But the EQS has the lowest air resistance of all on the market, with a CD value, which is the standard, just 0.2. No other mass-produced car has had better aerodynamics.

EQS is not only the leading brand in the Norwegian market, but in many ways it is the spearhead in the full investment of the future from Mercedes-Benz. During the upcoming Munich Auto Show, which was previously held in Frankfurt, the company will focus solely on fully electric cars. This testifies to the whereabouts of development resources.

Although the Fossil car will be on the market for many years, its days on the car manufacturers’ drawing board will quickly end.

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