Telenor, Consumer | 300 Telenor customers without internet on Monday

Telenor, Consumer |  300 Telenor customers without internet on Monday

300 Telenor customers in Sarpsborg without internet on Monday. Some families also have no signs for the TV and home phone.

Sarpsborg Arbeiderblad received many tips from Telenor customers without internet, home phone and TV signals on Monday. The signals disappeared at 12 o’clock, says a dump truck.

There was also a problem with mobile networks today – but it must be resolved now.

Telenor’s press guard, Anders Krokan, confirms they have a known bug in Sarpsborg.

“We have a bug that affects approximately 300 Sarpsborg broadband customers and we have people working with the bug fixes,” Krokan told SA Monday night.

– If nothing unexpected happens, this will appear again during the evening, he continues.

Among other places, Borgenhaugen and Klavestadhaugen have many homes without internet and TV. Customers are also having trouble with the home phone.

Update on 22.19:

Telenor assumes the problems will be resolved by 11pm on Monday.

– We have a web error at this address. We are working to solve this problem. There is a known malfunction of broadband and TV signals in your area. We are working on the error correction, the estimated correction time is before 23.00. We apologize for the inconvenience this causes, Telenor writes on its website.

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